Breaks during long distance/banded meetups

Method of enabling rest break/bathroom break in a banded long distance meetup, option for organizer to enable/disallow +1 moderator of meetup.

Could a preplanned spot or time be allocated?
Or if easier can zwift place/suggest options in strategic positions on the map or allow organizer to do so.
Ideas how bathroom breaks be could be incorporated?
For a small rest during descents can members and beacon slip into aero tuck on descents without falling out of the band? Is there a certain distance they can be from the beacon or is soft pedalling always required.
Enable option for +1 moderator to assist organisation of meetup.

Aero tuck is no problem on keep everyone together meet ups.

I have been wondering about breaks too. So long as everyone stops it would be ok! It seems from the recent news on Zwift insider there are requests for late join on meetups. That would help enormously with people who get technical issues or game crashes. If the late join didn’t have a time out, it would also allow people to take bathroom breaks.

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