Breakdown by lap?

Is there a way to view breakdown by lap? C Group Anti-Sandbagging this morning Crit City. Last lap was :fire:

Final results on ZP

Check the Primes tab on ZP and select the fastest time option, that gives you at least some idea about the lap times for each lap. (Oh, except that it probably doesn’t do you much good at the moment because filtering by class is still broken so you are likely to just end up with a list of A racers no matter what…)


Thanks! Also wanted to see how far people were riding above cat limit w/ lap breakdown. Lots of people finishing above 3.1wkg in an Antisandbagging event.

The limits are 95% of the best 20 minutes.

I understand base cats. But wanted to see how many people were riding A pace the last lap to avoid getting cones.

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anti-sandbagging races have additional controls so anyone doing crazy 1min/5min power (and a bunch of other secret stuff) gets coned. First Look: Zwift’s Anti-Sandbagging Plans | Zwift Insider

strong C riders can do 4w/kg for 5mins or so & 6-7w/kg for 1min, so Cat A pace (>4wkg) for 1lap/2mins isn’t likely to trigger a DQ.

crit city is sandbagger paradise anyway :smiley:

The primes will only show times and not power, which won’t be representative due to the level of draft. I suspect only Strava will show you the data that you’re looking for.

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