Brand new One Hub connects but doesn't show any speed or watts

I just bought a new One Hub. Everything went fine with the pairing of the devices. But my spees and cadence shows 0… It is not my first smartmeter but I never had this issue before on any other device…
Anyone has a response to this issue?

Hi @Tom_Haas and welcome to the forums.

That is unfortunate! Can you post a screenshot of your pairing screen? Did you connect the new trainer to the companion app first to update the firmware?


Here are some screenshots. An update has been done with the companion app…

I deletet the app and reinstaled it but nothing worked. Everything is pairing quite well but 0 wats and 0 rpm…

are the LED’s on the Hub telling you anything?

other troubleshooting:
Zwift Hub Connection Issues

LED’s are all fine. Blue and connected. I also checked the other connecting issues. The device is all conected. Everything is same as with my old device. The problem is that it tells me that there are 0 wats and 0 rotations per minute…

I got the zwift one hub on Thursday. When I got home the parcel was next to my front door. The delivery company left it outside for at least 6 hours at a temperature of -5. Can this cause any damage?


You should contact Zwift support, just keep arguing with the chatbot until it lets you send a message, it might take quite a few times of saying “no this didn’t help” or whatever.

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“I have exactly the same problem. I have sent an email to the support team and am waiting for a response. Have you received a solution to the problem?”

Hey Holger,

Well no, I sent everything back… I asked for a refund. Was quite frustrating but no one was able to help me…

Good luck to you!