Braking disabled when Sterzo and Play Controllers connected at same time [MacOS & iOS]

Just installed the 1.51.0 update for Zwift MacOS (M1 Mac Mini). I tried the new simultaneous support for Elite Sterzo Smart Steering Block and Zwift Play Controllers. Steering works for both devices as expected.

But, I noticed braking control from the Play controller stopped working. The brake/tail light on my bike disappeared, and pressing the brake buttons don’t slow the bike down. The Play controllers still vibrate when pressing the buttons, but the game acts like there are no brakes.

If I unpair the Sterzo, the brake/tail light immediately reappears on the bike in game, and the Play buttons slow the bike like normal.

Reconnecting the Sterzo, the brake/tail light again disappears and no brakes.

Is this expected?

Just installed v1.51.0 for iOS on a 3rd gen iPad Pro 12.9. Same behaviour as with the MacOS version.

Just installed v1.52.0 for MacOS. Problem still exists.