Brain Dump

  1. Alphabetize the routes. The routes are ordered randomly for some reason making it a little more difficult to find the route you want.
  2. Create more routes from the existing routes such as the Figure 8. Since many people and events follow the pre-programmed routes, why not create more?  There are many excellent routes that can be created.  Although 5-6 mile loops that you ride around 3 or 4 times are fine, they get a bit old. How about 15-25 mile combined routes that don’t overlap too much. The new Road to Ruins is another excellent example but there are many more that can be created.
  3. Instead of having two separate routes for forwards and reverse, for simplicity have a pull down of the routes and a box you can check for Reverse.
  4. Double the size of the translucent gradient map at the bottom of the course map. It’s very hard to see. Or perhaps, click the map to go back to the original readable gradient map instead of being overplayed on the location map. 
  5. Double the size of the detailed gradient map or click it to change it’s size. It’s also very hard to see.
  6. Triple the size of the rider’s location marker on the map so we can see where we are and what direction we are going. It’s useless the way it is.
  7. Reduce the size of the lap, KOM and sprint markers at the bottom of the map. Not sure it’s important to many people.  Or perhaps put the rider’s location market on the bottom and relocate the lap, KOM and sprint markers.
  8. The data box in the upper left hand corner should be clickable for average power, heart rate and cadence. Very useful data.
  9. Have defaults in the settings for how you’d like your display to appear.  How you want you location map, gradient map, sidebar, data box to look like.   
  10. Instead of creating a new mountain expansion that will blow away the Epic KOM, the next expansion should be lumpy.  Perhaps lots of short power climbs of 5-30 seconds combined with flat sections.  As Jon Mayfield noted in the Zwiftcast, although it sounds great, most people don’t want to climb for an hour.  The hilly and flat courses are much more popular that the mountain courses.  U
  11. Instead of the information boxes and sidebar data of nearby riders that are hard to read, perhaps that data could be on the Jersey’s.  Age, Power, P/w, nationality etc.  I’d even like to know if the person is on a smart trainer.  Maybe have country flag jersey’s as well. 

My two cents.

Didn’t you already suggest some of these:


Route wise what would be even better is to just let us predefine a route we want to take for the day, predefining our own turns.

With the landmass expanding it’s getting a bit annoying to have to make the turns midride to get to the places I want to.

A new mountain expansion is something I am looking forward to. It really adds another level of depth to Zwift. Sure it’s not for everybody, but it might also open up possibilities for e.g. downhill single track roads.

Lots of good ideas in there!

How about we can turn on and off UI elements to that we can see the world instead of having the screen filled with the UI?

Agree with most of those. The routes list could have more sorting options as well as alphabetical, such as distance, total elevation, and average gradient. Popularity?

My biggest peeve is that you can’t exit a ride back to the courses menu, or at least I haven’t figured out how to. Finishing a ride always quits the program, meaning you have to restart and log in again.