Bowflex BXT326 treadmill support?

Zwift support three Bowflex treadmills as now…
My treadmill broke and a new one is to be orderd and Boflex is basiclly what I have to choose from here in Sweden.

The BXT226 you support but they have a BXT326, just a noch more expensive but have a larger running surfice, otherwize the specs are almoste the same.

So the big Q…
Do Zwift support the whole BXT series of treadmills, do it support the BXT326???


Correction, larger running surfice was what I wanted but not what I would get, 326 is basiclly just more “heavy duty”…


I think your first thought was correct - BXT326 running belt is 4 cm wider. 

It’s difficult to understand why BXT326 wouldn’t work with Zwift, if 226 is supposed to do so while they are essentially the same product?  The same goes for some Bluetooth enabled Nautilus treadmills.

In general, I am getting more and more frustrated with chaotic information about treadmill compatibility with Zwift.  I am exactly in the same situation as you - want to buy one but nobody can confirm 100% which treadmill work (neither Zwift nor Bowflex).

Wrote Bowflex and got this answer…
Do we dare to go for 326?


The BXT326 will connect to Zwift the 326 is the international version of the BXT216.

I have come to find out that the connection link is easily confused if there is more than one compatible piece of equipment available to connect to.

Example: if your neighbor has a Bluetooth enabled treadmill or bike that is powered on and the App list it in the BLE search, you may have to ask them to unplug it to get you connection made.

I do like the App to bad we are contracted with Run Social, so we can’t promote it.

Kind regards,


Hey Michal and Mikael, we’re investigating the few cases we’ve received of the BXT226 not working. If you haven’t already and you’re experiencing issues with the BXT226 feel free to send us a support ticket so we can gather details. :slight_smile:

BXT326 should work with Zwift in theory but we do not have it as a confirmed compatible device. If anyone is able to try it out let us know! 

Respond address was so Michal you should mail them about that other treadmill.

Happy news…
My supplier have reached out to (I guess) a technical person on bowflex about BXT326 and Zwift.

The answer was… Yes, BXT326 works on Zwift.

I trust him and order one today :slight_smile:


Good luck with it Mikael 

let us know if it works for you. My BXT226 still doesn’t work with zwift but does with other apps 


I posed the question on Nautilus T628 (again Bowflex belongs to Nautilus group) and here’s the response:

“Thank you for contacting Nautilus International Technical Department. The Zwift app will see the T628 as an available device, but it will not sync to the machine.”

Sounds quite familiar to what you are facing, Robin.   I didn’t receive any further response, if there are any plans to fix the issue.  And I don’t know, if the issue is with Zwift or treadmill firmware/protocol.  Can be both.

All in all, I can’t believe the whole compatibility list is based on user reports only.  Mikael - I am looking forward for you feedback.  I am very hopeful, it all works as promised.


Thanks Michal. Agree that is what is happening to me - zwift recognises the treadmill but will not sync. I have given up with zwift technical support as I don’t think they know how to solve this. 

Anyone else had experience of Bowflex either working or not?