Bowflex BXT Treadmill Bluetooth "Connection Error" [December 2022]

I just talked to JRNY they are all over it now due to the high amounts of issues being reported :+1:……

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My Bowflex 56 looses connection with Zwift running once it should start moving the avatar. @Rowdy can you fix this for me in the back end or will there be a fix available?

Have they solved anything yet? No update until now.

As far as I’m aware JRNY was updated and this has now been resolved.

Ok just turned on my treadmill and tried to connect it. Initially there was still this „Connection Failure“ hint but after some seconds it dissapeared and I can confirm it‘s working again with Zwift. Finally!

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It’s not fixed. Avatar not moving and a “ lost connection “ warning appears on top left side…. This is beyond frustrating

Have you updated JRNY?

So I signed up for the free trial with JRNY and now the issue is fixed. These bowflex treadmills are such a scam. Basically all of the functionality of the treadmill I paid thousands of dollars for is locked behind a cheesy subscription paywall that adds zero value. I highly recommend staying far away from bowflex products.

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