Bowflex BXT Treadmill Bluetooth "Connection Error" [December 2022]

Hey, I have the 326.

I’ll check those forum entries.
Did you see my last posts about the volume and pairing through phone.
Did that give any insights?



My entry was a reply to Michael who is having trouble with his Bowflex and I linked two previous and hopefully related threads, including your thread.

I don’t have a Bowflex and use a Runn with no issues.

But thank you for putting in a reply.

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Thanks everyone for the quick responses! I have a Bowflex T216 running Firmware Version R13.00.00 and running Zwift v1.50.0. I did do a search for Bowflex issues, and the other issues appear to revolve around Zwift being unable to see/connect to the treadmill. I am able to connect right away, but Zwift doesn’t receive any speed data and the avatar just stands in place.

I did see @70sCookie’s potential solution using the volume, and as crazy as it sounded, I gave it a shot with no luck. I’m willing to stand on my head to fix things if I thought it would work. :slight_smile:

I can offer a temporary solution if you’re desperate which it sounds like you are.

Kinni is an app like JRNY but is open to compatibility with other treadmills. The BT216 is supported so can read your treadmill data and send this to Zwift.

Your treadmill is not officially compatible with Zwift so you’ll struggle to get official support but there was once a workaround that could be done at Zwift. @Rowdy is this something you should look into?

Thank you Stuart, I will look into Kinni. Zwift worked for me for 340+km, so it definitely wasn’t a case of just getting lucky once or twice. But then there was an update last year that killed it. As small of a thing as it may be, I find having the routes mapped and synced to my Strava account to be the thing that keeps getting me back on the treadmill, and I’d love to get that functionality back.

Nothing will change using Kinni, it’ll just bridge the signals from the treadmill to Zwift.

O.M.G! Let me buy you a gel/coffee/beer/champagne/champagne IN FRANCE! That works! Granted, it’s needing 3rd party software to make the connection, but that’s better than the dreary outlook that colder weather had without a connection. This does show that it isn’t an issue with the treadmill, but in how Zwift wants to connect. Hopefully a first party solution will be found, but in the meantime, this will allow indoor runs to happen again. Thank you! :smiley:


Absolutely my pleasure Michael.

I’m a brand ambassador for Kinni/NoblePro so glad we’ve got you sorted.

If you want to join me one day this is my daily event.

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And yes i know you’re in Canada and the time zones don’t match but next time you wake up early and fancy a run you know where i am.


Thank you for the update/workaround method, @10K.Every.Day.In.23 . I’ll add this note to the developer ticket as well.

Has there been any update on this? I am having the same issue with the Bowflex treadmill 22. I’ve had this treadmill for two years and getting my avitar to move has been a stuggle since I bought it. It will work for a couple months ad then its down for a couple months. I think I’ve tried all the suggestions on this thread.

Thank you

I have the Bowflex Treadmill 18 (in Europe called Bowflex BXT 18), was bought in 2022 and worked perfectly on Zwift Run until three days ago. Since then it connects but no movement of the avatar and it shows as well the Connection Failure hint on the top left of the screen.
Cycling works perfectly over bluetooth. I have tried everything…all updates, Mac IOS updated to Ventura, Zwift App erased and reinstalled on iPhone and Mac, it just won’t work anymore. Reset of the bluetooth on Mac, erased all devices connected over bluetooth.
Thats a shame they can‘t fix something like this and what‘s even more annoying…it was working before!! So what changed?!

Could You please help me with that backend fix? My Treadmill Bowflex BXT 18 was paired and worked succesfully with Zwift in 2022 until it stopped working three days ago and nothing has solved the problem.
I always used Zwift on Mac to pair it and using simultaneously an HRM Pro for cadence and heart rate. Don’t know what happened but the issue seems to be plaguing many Bowflex owners.

Hello @Beto_Porto, thank you so much for reaching out about this issue. The more reports we receive, the more information I can escalate to our engineers. I can see that you had a successful run activity on November 12 before this issue seems to have started for you on November 16. From all I can see, that was the same treadmill, paired over native Bluetooth to the same Mac computer, running the same version of Zwift in both sessions. Would you be able to confirm whether your treadmill underwent a software or firmware update between those activities?

Hi @Rowdy , that info is correct but I can’t tell you with certainty if there has been an update since these run automatically on my treadmill because it’s always on and connected to the internet.

Here are the launcher and software versions. There aren’t any updates. Can’t find anywhere on the internet if Bowflex/Nautilus has launched an update recently.

Last pic is the actual BLE version on the android platform of the treadmill. Not sure if this may help

I have been using my Bowflex BXT18 with Zwift on Mac or iPhone since 2022 without problems until it suddenly stopped working some days ago. The treadmill is found in the pairing screen but when I start my run my avatar won’t move and it shows on the top left the connection failure hint.
My Zwift on Mac is working perfectly with my TacX Neo 2T.
I also use an HRM Pro for heart rate and the cadence during runs, this connection still works and stays stable in the cycling and running world.
I have tried many troubleshooting steps found in this forum and outside but nothing has helped. I also read about a back end fix that worked for many pairing the treadmill before October 22.
Could the Staff @Rowdy please help me with this issue?

Any help or hints are greatly appreciated!

My Bowflex c7 stopped connecting after the last update on Wednesday…. Start a claim. I few of us did

Hi @Rocco_Zambri , Bowflex or Zwift update?

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Zwift responded amazingly a few times. JRNY from Bowflex said they are aware and now a ghost…. I will update as soon as I get info from them.

I contacted spofact, they are Bowflex distributors for Germany and Austria. They contacted some Bowflex people/agents in Rotterdam and got the info that they also tested with Zwift and had connection problems and it seems to be an JRNY issue. They reported this and told me one day later that it should be solved with a new update, that should take 4-6 weeks.
Let’s hope that is the issue.

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4-6 weeks ? What school did there software engineers go to ? lol