Bounced to side of road when using powerup [July 2023] [SOLVED]

Hi Team Zee,

I’m having issues with the steering on my V1 KickR Bike in game. I’m not sure exactly when this problem started but it’s more noticeable within the last 3 weeks.

While in a group ride or race steering acts as normal (slower than usual) but once I have deployed a Power Up it quickly bumps me across to the right hand side of the course without reason. So it basically drops me from any draft and then I need to fight my way back across the lanes and get back into the centre of the route.

After the PowerUp has finished its deployment the steering continues to bounce me across to the left of the route. It’s worse if there are other riders with steering enabled. I find that if I stay left of the other riders with steering it just “bounces” between the left and centre of the route. It’s then just a continual fight to keep it centralized for the rest of the ride.

(I was thinking it may have something to do with how the steering won’t let you move “through” other riders. I remember it used to let you ride through other avatars but there was an update that stopped that being possible - This may be a contributor to the problem)


Here’s a link to a in game recording showing it happen
In game video recording

Hi @iKapture

Thaniks for the report.

We’ve heard similar reports where a steering device was paired - not necessarily a KICKR Bike - so I edited your subject line to hopefully catch more corroborating reports from folks.

We are investigating. If others are weighing in with the same symptoms - please let us know:

  1. what steering device you’re using
  2. which OS platform use you
  3. which version of Zwift game app you’re using.

Draft / truck power up causes steering issues. As soon as you press it will repeatedly shove to the side out of draft. I have experienced this in free ride, events and in various worlds. See it happening to others too. I use Zwift plays

  1. what steering device you’re using
    = KickR Bike Version 1

  2. which OS platform use you
    = iOS (Apple TV)

  3. which version of Zwift game app you’re using.
    = 1.44.0 (115409)

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I’m using a Kickr bike V2 and have noticed this every time I use the Van/Draft Boost power up. It doesn’t seem to affect any of the others at this point. I’m using the most current version of the game, my Companion App is updated to the most current version and I run this on Windows 10 PC.

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I had the same thing happen when I hit the draft van with Yumi today.
Mac OS
Kikr v5
Zwift steering controllers

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Same problem for me when using the van/draft power up, I’m using the play controllers and Zwift hub on Apple TV. I can manually steer back into the bunch but have to keep making micro adjustments to stay there or im kicked out again

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Me too, Van power up, when used pushes you out of the draft to the right while in use, need to steer back in once it’s worn off.
Zwift Play
Windows 11
Latest game

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I had this issue yesterday, with the draft van. The Aero powered did not have the same effect. As soon as I activated the van I was pushed hard to the side of the road, as soon as it expired steering went back to normal. Interestingly it pushed me both directions at some point after getting back to the middle of the road using steering rather than only one way or the other.

Tacx Bike
Windows 11

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yeah i got this too with the drafting boost

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Same issue here with the Drafting Boost PU

Kickr Bike v1 with Zwift Play
Zwift 1.44

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I’ve had exactly the same experience on RP rides. Two setups with the same experience each time (draft power up).

Windows 10 pc
Zwift Play controllers

Windows 11 laptop

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Same here. What I noticed was that the draft power-up acted normally until another rider came alongside, whereupon I was bumped away from that rider.
Play controllers; Apple TV 16.5; game 1.44; android companion 3.49.

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Got a van this morning, almost trashed it but decided to use it for science. Hit it and immediately bounced to the side of the road. Steered through the group and then got bounced to the other side of the road that I was now closer to.

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This is a bug introduced with version 1.44. It will be fixed in game 1.46 release.



Thanks for the heads up on the fix… I for one will enjoy being able to get deep into the draft again during sprint efforts.


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Great to hear this will be fixed in 1.46, interesting it seems even though the avatar is bounced to the side with no immediate riders in front you still seem to receive the same draft percentage as if you are still within the bunch

I have the same problem:
With Zwift Play on Apple TV:
When applying a power up, I am moved to the side of the road. Steering back to the middel of the road only triggers a move to the side again.
Problem started only one or two weeks ago.