Bounced to side of road when using powerup [July 2023] [SOLVED]

yeah i got this too with the drafting boost

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Same issue here with the Drafting Boost PU

Kickr Bike v1 with Zwift Play
Zwift 1.44

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I’ve had exactly the same experience on RP rides. Two setups with the same experience each time (draft power up).

Windows 10 pc
Zwift Play controllers

Windows 11 laptop

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Same here. What I noticed was that the draft power-up acted normally until another rider came alongside, whereupon I was bumped away from that rider.
Play controllers; Apple TV 16.5; game 1.44; android companion 3.49.

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Got a van this morning, almost trashed it but decided to use it for science. Hit it and immediately bounced to the side of the road. Steered through the group and then got bounced to the other side of the road that I was now closer to.

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This is a bug introduced with version 1.44. It will be fixed in game 1.46 release.



Thanks for the heads up on the fix… I for one will enjoy being able to get deep into the draft again during sprint efforts.


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Great to hear this will be fixed in 1.46, interesting it seems even though the avatar is bounced to the side with no immediate riders in front you still seem to receive the same draft percentage as if you are still within the bunch

I have the same problem:
With Zwift Play on Apple TV:
When applying a power up, I am moved to the side of the road. Steering back to the middel of the road only triggers a move to the side again.
Problem started only one or two weeks ago.

Just rode the Stage 2 of the Race the Worlds series.

Did ZHQ decided to troll Zwift Play users?

The only Power Up given during the race is the Drafting Boost. Which is the powerup breaking draft once activated.

So basically Zwift Play user are getting punished on this race.

Look at

Same problem. Draft Boost. Climb Portal.
Zwift Play
Mac book pro

I had this issue yesterday too during stage 2 of the race the worlds, hugely frustrating tbh. I had heard on a youtube that this was a problem on Loch Loop so I kind of expected to happen but drove me nuts when it did. For me, I got pushed to both sides of the road so either to far right or the far left. Anywhere but in the draft.

Loch Loop.
Zwift Play
iPad Pro
Zwift v1.45.0

Happens during any group or race ride,… have not tried a free ride

Elite Sterzo Smart
Windows 11
Wahoo Kickr V5

Whilst cycling with Miguel today on the flat route. On the Sprint Forward segment I applied the Draft Boost power up and immediately lurched to the left in to the centre of the road. Tried to rectify and end up like a drunk cyclist weaving all over the place at one point.

I use the Zwift Play controller

On Apple TV

Zwift version 1.45.0

All hardware has the most recent updates.

It been behaving like this for weeks with power up’s.


Here it is happening in a regular ride. Zwift Play steering on but not touched at all during the video except to press the power up button…

iPad with latest .45 zwift version

Next week :+1:


Hey everyone - Zwift v 1.46 addresses this issue. Over the next few days, we’ll roll out v1.46 to everyone across all OS platforms. Please update when it’s available to you.

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