Boulder in the road - Watopia

I’m pretty sure this is a graphical glitch that’s been introduced in the last update (the Paris/France one).

Approx 0.5 miles after the start of Road to Sky, there’s a large boulder on the right which has now moved partially into the road, and I rode through it. At least one of the other people on our private meetup saw this too - we were actually riding the Big Loop course. I know it’s 0.5 miles from the start of Road to Sky because I saw the same thing yesterday when I rode Road to Sky myself.

The attached pic isn’t the best, but shows the rock behind me just after I went through it.

Tree in the road - New York
That would be like the tree growing far through the glass road on the Lady Liberty course in New York.

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Yes, definitely. I saw that one too but couldn’t remember the exact location in New York. There used to be a bit of tree going through before, but after the update it’s across the entire road and you ride straight through it.


This is the kind of thing I was on about when we were discussing differing update versions appearing to throw other riders off course.

Correlation does not imply causation. It may be as you claim. And it might not…

Only Zwift knows. However, care to speculate as to why would Zwift create updates that throw different version’s rider off-course wrt each other?

Not really my claim, just appears to fit with things randomly moving around a bit. :rofl:

No idea why it would be the case though, perhaps it’s something as daft as having to create a very slightly different copy of the world rather than directly overwriting it.

Yeah, came down that road on the Chasing Cancellara event yesterday and thought I hadn’t seen that rock in the road before.

But then, I am not very observant.

Gang - this has been on our to-do list for some time, and i bumped the internal fix it ticket. Thanks all for flagging it up.



the boulder? or the tree? or the bizarre problem of landscaping encroaching on roads in general?

not complaining, just wondering. usually don’t mind, but the tree in NYC was particularly jarring, and i had to ride through it both directions on the Knickerbocker route!

Both. The giant tree in the road in NYC is an even more egregious artwork bug we’re aware of.

As you can imagine, we’ve been working overtime to pull off the new France and Paris maps in short order for this weekend’s Tour de France Virtual. We thank you for your patience to get known bugs fixed.


Encountered the boulder yesterday—thanks @Steve_Hammatt for directing me here.

The Watopia boulder(s) will be fixed in the next game update.