Boost Mode Race Testing (and feedback) May 6th-8th

ok cool , I got some weir behaviour in the initial selection as well. Wasn’t sure if it was the appletv remote or the app. Caught that on my stream at just after 1:47 and think it was menu button that brought up keyboard but don’t know for sure.

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Yes that’s the issue I had. Was trying to swipe around to highlight next and press menu on the remote and the keyboard kept popping up. The feedback form at the end was unusable too on tv

I did the 5th boost mode race in a row this morning, and I’m dead. Legs have no punch AND cardio was like “no way bruh”.

I won’t be able to ride in the 5pm but I’ll show up and fan view.

I’m finding that nothing about Boost mode racing is “easy”. :slight_smile:

like 5 races in the same day or 5 days in a row? Either way, you are a beast! Enjoy the rest.

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Nah 2 races per day, starting Tuesday morning. I’m far from a beast. :slight_smile:


Oh, well in that case, HTFU!

:rofl: :ride_on:

Well done Wes, well done!


Did 3a C cat today but wasn’t racing. Would think that it would be good to see indicators for charging in the rider list as well as boosts. Anyway, boosts look like they would be a good enhancer of race dynamics (a dull ride probably won’t change because of boosts).

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I don’t think that’d be good - you’d be able to see when someone’s charging, and attack at that point.

It’d be like Contador attacking Schleck when he dropped his chain. :smiley:


Enjoy your rest😁
As I said above, my son ended up with his best average power to date yet he didn’t feel like he had worked so hard because of the fun he was having charging and boosting. This could be a great side effect and a nice way to put in a tough session.
Nice first impression of this feature.


Did a lap of jungle circuit with it on balanced mode. It was good fun.

The boost wasn’t as strong as I expected. Also got confused by the power numbers, are they before or after boost? Would be good to have some kind of screen effect to indicate that boost was in effect, just to get a bigger sense of rush.
A countdown timer for charging would also be nice.

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There will be more boost mode events ?

Yes more events coming next week


Joined four races, 1x Crit City, 2x Volcano, 1x Jungle.

First thing, I loved it. Because it’s all driven by my own power, so somehow, I feel very empathetic toward this “mechanism”. I felt it better than any classic powerups.

Efficient Boost is a definite advantage during the race, as there are four slots that can be used partly to “bluff” so it has a strategic advantage, and also has the most capacity. Who with light boost must break, and everyone else must catch up. If you get to the goal with heavier boosters, you have advantage on the sprint. This design makes a lot of sense.
However the current situation is that light boosters are too much of advantage. In the last race, everyone ended up opting for efficient boost. The Power Burst is a disadvantage, I accept it. It should be a penance to take this to the final sprint because the reward is big. It’s how game works. However, Balanced Boost has fewer slots, less capacity, and is heavier than the Efficient. It’s whole less attractive choice. Balanced Boost should be improved.
Because the charge tax is small and charge is not that long, you can charge them without much consideration. If you can add something to introduce more strategic thinking on this aspect it should be better.

It seems everyone is so fried from Zwift-racing one or more times per day that their bodys’ “natural” boost, which is anaerobic work capacity, is chronically depleted and they need software enhancement to compensate :).

Life becomes a perpetual stage race…

Boost Mode test scheduled set for next week, I’ll start a new thread for it. Please continue to use this thread for your Boost Mode feedback for the May 6th-8th events. :ride_on:

Jungle race - took a bit to understand the charge (26 secs) vs use (23 secs). A 10% “fee” for getting the power. Like it. Needs keyboard shortcuts. Got the mouse focus left on the wrong one then charged when I wanted to boost. Rookie error.
Interesting that I was warming up on a TT bike then switched over to the race which switched me to a mountain bike, but the entire race counted in that Road/TT/Mountain bike challenge as TT? Also no sign of the race on ? I like boost, not for every race, but certainly makes it a tactical race rather than just a watt bomb fest.

Double tapping charge and boost buttons is not made apparent. Happy accident to figure that out.
Using boost negates power up
Wattage changes aren’t apparent when charging or boosting.
Extra weight didnt seem to be applied

These issues might be trainer related, using Tacc Vortex.

Some suggestions other than these potential bugs:
Buttons on companion app and keyboard shortcuts
Having boost auto start x meters from the finish line if it hasn’t been used, possibly opt in option before starting as not all riders will want that
Opt in for this feature for the race, but then again I would assume it is race specific and if you are choosing the race you would be opting in
Making the charge only available after a certain distance I.e. not from the gun as it was easy to boost and stay in the bunch at that point

There are buttons in the Companion app. Go to the “Dashboard” tab, and they’re on the menu strip. They’re also on the “up arrow” menu strip in game.

I asked for keyboard shortcuts as well, but during the race I did today I decided they’d give an unfair advantage to PC/Mac users over those on tablets/AppleTV.

It’s already there with Power Ups of course, but no need to exacerbate it.

it was 100% dumpster fire! june 24 race, load time of -100watts for 34 sec, only get 8.5sec. for 200watts, that half what you put it. your better off not doing the loading!

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I choose the A boost for better endurance and climbing. I think it worked okay as I could often draft and charge, then boost the hill. It would be fun on Innsbrukring I think.

Doubtful I would turn to this over an actual race. This is more like a training stimulus. It forces you to not rest downhill but constant peddling. I think a lot of novice racers are going to enjoy this