Bonus XP for riding mountain routes

It would be interesting if there was an XP bonus per km of riding the mountains routes in real ride mode, ie, not in workout mode.

It might encourage people away from their steady state rides up ADZ and to enjoy changing gears and the experiencing the gradient changes.

So this bonus would only apply if they were not in workout mode on these big climbs.

I guess the bonus Drops are deemed to be sufficient incentive.

I have to say that climbing in ERG mode seems to be terminally boring.


I don’t see why this is a problem at all. Who cares if people are doing their steady state rides up ADZ, or any other mountain/hill?

I’d be happy if there was more of a bonus to climbing, but I also think it’s silly to look down on people doing their steady state rides up a hill.


Not everyone does boring Z2 climbs. I’ve done threshold and VO2Max workouts up AdZ and they are far from boring. Hour long workouts for me finish around turn 1 so I finish the climb in free ride mode, spin the wheel, and turn around for the downhill XP.

I’m probably less apt to do this now that I’ve completed the Everest challenge and have my Tron trophy bike though…

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It’s really giving another option for more XP and an alternative.

This thread got me thinking about doing an ERG workout on the Alpe today for my daily Zwift ride. It was great - did a threshold workout - only made it to the 4th switchback, but completed the climb after the workout for a spin of the wheel at the top and an easy spin/coast down. Was good times.

I’m wondering if instead of additional climb XP they should give some form of a TSS bonus - that way you’re getting a bit more XP for putting more effort in no matter where you are, but in general you’d get more TSS on a climb for instance.

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but you can create custom workouts that are all freeride blocks for a time just short of your normal AdZ time (including lead-in). This way you still do your non-ERG ride but get the time based workout XP instead of the distance based XP. You just won’t see your live splits on the LH HUD as you would in a true freeride.

Definitely not me asking for that, I just ride ADZ the old fashioned way with the actual gradients.

Maybe the extra XP might get more people riding ADZ this way instead of workout mode and TT bike. Something different.

A custom workout with freeride blocks allows you to ride the old fashion way with actual gradients and accumulate XP faster on climbs already though. It sounds like you just want to see less workout screens on other bikes around you while you are riding. :grinning: