BonBon Event 30-10-2021

Good Day Zwift Support

I completed the BonBon event on Saturday morning 08:10 till 09:05, and saved the event, but it did not reflect that I completed the event and the event, does not show on my Activity feed. The same thing happened with the Beginners Training plan I completed on the same day. The training event reflects that its completed, but it does not show up on my Activity feed either. Also none of these activities was synced to my Strava or Garmin connect profiles, yet my WiFi network was up and the Z-companion app was connected to my to WiFi network. Please advise?


Welcome Ashley.

Those symptoms are typical of a network connection problem between your zwift device and Zwift HQ. Can be anything but typically is your environment. Modem/Router reboots sometimes work, as does cleaning up wifi networks so they dont clash. Note that over the weekend a bunch of people reported issues which pointed to Zwift servers playing up - so you may be a victim of whatever was happening then particularly if you dont usually have issues.

If your device supports extracting the log files, then drop that into and it will give you a view of whats happening with the network. Post up the results here if you cant decipher (but its fairly user friendly).

Thanx, that might explain it. I see that my log,txt file for the 30-10-21, did not even write to my notebook. So, that training session is completely lost.

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