Bologna Time Trial Lap start/finish

I only ever did the Bologna Time Trial Lap route as a free ride, end of the week I lead an event with a couple of laps. After glancing at some past events, the finish seems to be on top of the climb.

Is that right, and if so, does a group ride include the first climb as a lead in? I’d rather know the number of ascents in advance (and adjust number of laps if necessary)? :blush:

I lead this one, we did two laps, The second lap ended at the top of the second KOM, then I just rode down.

See segment below.

I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I think that ‘a lap’ is from the start pens to the top of the climb (5.2 miles). From there I think that each added lap would be a return to the start and then back to the top, for an additional 10.4 miles. This makes ‘2 laps’ total to 15.6 miles, or thereabouts.

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Thanks, that’s helpful. It was my initial thought, but then I got doubts. Even if not a loop, I always think of a lap as returning to the initial position. :thinking:

Funny enough, the event does not show the number of laps but the total distance in the Companion app :thinking::man_shrugging:t3: