Blurry vision effect

(Renzo Castro) #1

Hello, guys. 

I can see this is an old issue, but I’m also going to request that a toggle be placed so that we can select whether or not we prefer to have the game’s graphics get blurry and color-skewed during hard efforts. 

For me, it’s nausea and headache-inducing, and I’d really appreciate being able to focus on the nice game graphics instead of having to look away while doing a hard interval. I don’t see the point in having the simulator if I’ll be looking away from it every time I’m doing a hard effort. Doing a 15 minute interval means looking away for 15 minutes, and that defeats the purpose of having the simulator on the screen.

I know that there are many who like it, but a toggle so that this doesn’t affect those of us who are bothered by it would be greatly appreciated and shouldn’t be hard to incorporate :). 

Thank you for your time and dedication, Zwift Team. 

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

If you have a 15 minute hard interval the effect does not last the entire time, just near the end.

(Renzo Castro) #3

That’s correct, but I want the option to have it deactivated permanently. As soon as some color separation and blurry vision starts appearing, it becomes very uncomfortable for me to look at the screen. I still complete the workouts, but I want to feel motivated to look at the screen, or I’d just be doing workouts using my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt to control my trainer with workouts downloaded from Training Peaks.

Thank you for your interest in my post, Paul. 

(B. Koekkoek ZZRC PACK (C)) #4

I agree with this, what’s the fun in blurry graphics that supposedly mimic my fatigue when I am actually suffering. If I am actually working out that hard that my vision is degraded the last thing I need is a blurry screen?

(Z Kryder) #5

Maybe the screen should be clear but the legs could be blurry.

It is very distracting.

(Ashley Hudson) #6

I honestly though the original poster here was crazy until I almost puked tonight when I was unfortunate enough to synchronize the end of an unpleasantly difficult interval with the cinematic camera view change at the top of Box Hill…

Perhaps some sort of “disable visual effects” mode could be helpful here?

(F fOx (C)) #7

I agree with what is proposed here. for me this is very annoying and I dislike it a lot. I already have enough that I go physically record :slight_smile: and to make things worse the game (zwift) ase same thing does the same.

a solution ?

Thanks for the help.

(Troy Delfs - Momentum Cycling) #8

I DESPISE the blurry screen feature in Zwift. When I am going anaerobic, my HR is near maximum, I am on edge and needing every bit of encouragement I can get to push myself to my maximum, the last thing I need is for the screen to become distorted and blurry. I quite frankly find this feature to be distracting, demotivating, senseless and quit frankly stupid. Is this some programer’s idea of a bad joke? I can’t see how anybody that is serious about training finds this to be a positive feature. I strongly believe that Zwift should disable this feature or at the very least enable the user to turn this feature off. 

As I am getting into an intense training phase I realize that I can’t handle this juvenile gimmick that Zwift is using here and I am seriously considering ending my Zwift account and going back to TrainerRoad or Sufferfrest where they support and encourage and athlete during intense efforts. 


(Jesper Knudsen DBR) #9

I don’t get nauseous, but do find it distracting; when riding “in the zone” and closing in on the end of a particular hard interval, I really don’t want Zwift to remind me how hard it is; I am doing my absolute best to ‘find a happy place’ in my head and this is not helping at all. +1 for the option to switch it off.

(Chris Kraemer) #10

(Rodrigo Valle Teixeira) #11

Fully agree, an “on/off” option is the best option since there are strong feelings being expressed about this.

(Tim B. [STOLEN GOAT]) #12

we don’t need a toggle switch. Just turn it off. I thought my laptop was busted. Nobody seems to look forward to that blurry view - so just get rid of it.

(John Binns) #13

This has always been a controversial issue. But I would not want this removed, I find it very motivating. Sorry Tim!

(Tim B. [STOLEN GOAT]) #14

interesting. Fair enough. For me  it just makes it harder to see. Each to their own :slight_smile:

(Stefan Assfalg) #15

In my yesterdays workout (and also some workouts before), I was quite not happy about this “feature”. After the workout, I wanted to disable it in the settings and was really annoyed, I can’t do that. So what is the problem, to let users decide, if they want that feature or not? Just one more button in the menu! I really like Zwift but there are so many things to improve.

(Nicholas Tan (Nick)) #16

Toggle it off - see below:

(Renzo Castro) #17

Thank you, Nicholas.


Fortunately, I was able to do that the day they implemented the toggle. This thread should’ve been marked as “solved” when they implemented that option around 2 months ago, but I don’t see a way to do that.