Blurry Tunnel Vision & end of workout report

(Rick Barbera [KRT]) #1

Was very excited to get on and do a 2x20 workout yesterday.  Loved what I saw and was doing until half way through my first 20.  Then I was disappointed.  The blurry, rainbow effect of the screen gave me a headache and was made it where I didn’t want to use Zwift for the effort.  I monitored my garmin instead of the screen due to this new feature.  Would rather see this off comletely but if some like it and want a feature to customize it on and off thats fine too.  This would be a deal breaker for me.

Like the stars to keep you on track for a workout but at the completion of the entire workout I would love to see what average power and HR was for each interval. 

Ride on!!!

(Clint Westhoff) #2

I really like the blurry vision effect, and didn’t anticipate some people being so adamant against it - interesting.  An “on/off” option is the best option since there are strong feelings being expressed about this.  

(Gilles L.) #3

+1 “on/off” option

(Martha Frost) #4

I kinda like it so on/off would be just great.

(John Baker) #5

Customization is a key element in any simulator/online experience. If you look at any successful online game you will see the ability to change the interface to match your desires.

Zwift is still young but they can definitely learn from tried and true methods.

(Y ohans) #6

Off completely for me.

(Darren Nicholl (KICKR)) #7

Off for me too, I tried this for the first time today and it was terrible, gave me a headache trying to work out what I was looking at!

I’d rather see the bar graphs of Trainer Road

(Roberta Abbott) #8

I dislike the blurry effect as well.  I especially dislike how long it is displayed for. I’d love to be able to turn it off completely.

(Martha Frost) #9

I’ve played games that made me sick and, yeah, that pretty much sucked. But an option would be nice because I love it!!

(Kevin Wolff) #10

The ‘fog’ effect made me feel sea sick and didn’t like. On/Off gets my vote as it it’s left on then it’s a no go for me.

(J O'Connor) #11

I really like the blurring effect - to the extent where I can’t see how you wouldn’t like it but obviously some don’t so on/off is a good bet.

(Dave McCormack) #12

Old thread, I know, but has this been made configurable yet? I experienced this on the 2 x 30 workout last night. I didn’t know about it and thought my TV was about to fail, though I couldn’t figure out why the text was still clear. So I ended up detaching and reattaching the HDMI cable mid-workout to see what was going on (which was tricky at threshold). It was only when I passed through the big hoop at the end of the first 30 and normal vision was restored that I realised the fog was intentional. Daft feature!

(Josh Lewis) #13

This is funny.  I haven’t done a workout yet that had the tunnel vision affect.  I’ll have to try it just to see what you’re all referring to!

(James Hooker ZHR) #14

I totally freaked and thought my GPU was about to fry and switched zwift off mid way through a 20min interval a couple days ago. Glad I found this forum or I would have had to pay Apple to look at my laptop.

Personally I think it’s ridiculous that the program doesn’t even mention this let alone no option to turn it on/off. Especially when the problem mimics a graphics card problem

(Martha Frost) #15

Keep calm and Zwift on!

(James Hooker ZHR) #16

Yeah ok, saying it’s “rediculous is a bit strong”…I was still on the bike when I posted. I should probs have said that I think it would be smarter/logical to let people know before hand so they don’t worry/stress about it midway through a hard interval.

(Martha Frost) #17

Well something like “how to use all of the features of Zwift” would certainly be handy, no doubt about that :slight_smile:

(Ima MTBer) #18

I hate this effect. Very distracting and annoying. The app crashed not long after the first interval. Normally I’d be pretty annoyed since the crashes are happening more than normal in the last two weeks (yes, I have the latest update), but I was happy to finish the workout on the normal ride mode and avoid the warp effect. Please make it stop.

(Martha Frost) #19

If you are distracted and annoyed you can just turn it off in the preferences. Then you’ll be all set :slight_smile:

(Ima MTBer) #20

That would be great, but that option doesn’t seem to be available to me in the app (or I can’t find it in the app).