BlueTooth vs ANT+

(. Scotty II) #1


Yesterday during my Three Sisters ride, several times my avatar (me) would just stop on the side of the course, even though I was continuing to pedal at the same pace. 

I noticed that Zwift connect screen on my iPhone showed the home screen and no the data from the current ride. After tapping the iPhone’s screen a few times, my avatar began riding again.

This problem has not occurred previously and was most likely caused by some type of RF interference. However, these interruptions were annoying and definitely caused a lack of ride focus.

My questions is, are ANT+ sensors less prone to interference and perhaps provide a more reliable pairing?

Surface Pro 4 WIN10, Wahoo Kickr SNAP, iPhone 6 iOS 10.3.3

Thanks in advance

(. Scotty II) #2

Greetings Zwifters,

Just want to share an update to my original post. I continued to experience Bluetooth problems, where the avatar would simply stop riding, even though I was still pedaling. Unfortunately, there is no method to recover and resume the ride, which is a real disappointment.

To test if Bluetooth was the problem, I purchased a Garmin USB ANT Stick. Today plugged the ANT directly into the computer’s USB port, and was able to connect my trainer, and cadence sensor. Rode Zwift for an hour, and experienced no problems.

It appears that my problems could be related to Bluetooth. Additionally, Zwift Mobile Link continued to work through my iPhone during the ride.






(Paul Twardowski) #3

Having same issue. Late in a long ride up the mountain the connection had problems and my avatar stopped for a period but then eventually came back. Happened 3-4 times. I’m using a Tacx Neo, Zwift Mobile Link via bluetooth to communciate with a custom built PC. Just bought an ANT+ stick and will try that.

(. Scotty II) #4


Since switching to the Garmin ANT stick, Zwift has worked without a problem.

Let is know how it works out

(Paul Twardowski) #5

Did one 45 test ride and seems to be working smoothly with ANT+.  I like it better this way as it doesn’t requirement to keep the Mobile App running to keep the trainer signal going to Zwift on my PC.  It does take a little longer for the devices to be recognized by the PC via ANT (I had to reselect them a couple times) vs Bluetooth (which is usually automatic and quick), but I don’t mind so long as the connection stays solid through out the ride.  Not sure how to recreate the conditions I had on that ride with all the connection dropouts.  Guess I just keep riding with ANT+ in hopes it doesn’t happen again.

Separately, the response lag seems about the same (3-4 sec before an increase/decrease in power is recognized by Zwift) between ANT+ & Bluetooth so no change on that issue.

(Nacho Herrero [ZESP]) #6

ANT+ is key. Bluetooth still has a way to go before it’s anywhere near as compatible and reliable.

(Chris Brinson) #7

I am using a Tacx Vortex Smart over BLE with a MacBook Pro but my heart rate sensor is a Garmin that only broadcasts over ANT+. Is it possible for Zwift to receive data reliably from both the BLE from the Tacx and ANT+ from the Garmin simultaneously?



(Patrick Tighe9001) #8

Chris, I use Bluetooth for my Wahoo Kickr and Ant+ for my Garmin HRM. Zwift sees both and operates fine. My PC is very bad at maintaining a Bluetooth signal. So I use the Zwift mobile app. Unfortunately sometimes the wifi signal to my phone disappears! So now I use Ant+ for everything.

(Tyson Bennett) #9

cc: Zwift Admins: I’ve found the same thing in reverse the Ant+ dongle kept dropping out 112 times to be exact. You only really notice it on steep climbs but if you look at the data on Strava you can count the drop outs. I’ve used the KickR 2015 then bought the latest 2017 KickR I’ve replaced the dongle used other programs and PC’s without a single dropout under the same loads. I’m beginning to think this is a Zwift issue based on both of our experiences. I’ve now bought and the entire set of Wahoo sensors to switch to Bluetooth I will remit to this thread what I find.

(Vincent Martin) #10

Though I should chime in. I’m using KickR 2015 on bluetooth with swift mobile on Iphone5S/Macbook Pro. It worked no problem for over 1 yr. Started getting dropout in the last few months which was worst when using my HRM on top. I bought a $10 Ant+ dongle and used it today. Had no issues for the first time in months. Not sure what the problem was but Ant+ fixed it.

(Mike Snelson) #11

I’ve had the same drop out problems but only in the past couple months after a year of using Zwift. I’m using Bluetooth. I have not tried Ant+. I’m using a Kickr Snap 2017, Polar HRM, Polar Cadence sensor. Although the dropouts are generally annoying on a regular ride they are very frustrating on the 7th, final and longest stage of the Tour of Watopia. I rode all previous stages except #1 with no dropouts. When #1 had a dropout, I quickly quit the ride and then restarted Zwift which put me back into the #1 stage where it thought I should have been based on the time and pace I was riding at the time of the dropout. I tried the same thing with Stage #7 and it worked on the first dropout but then I had a 2nd dropout, tried the same fix but it didn’t work this time. This leads me to believe it is a Zwift issue and not so much a connection issue. All the bluetooth devices could be seen and were active but Zwift was not connecting to them.

(Kev Thomas) #12

I don’t have a smart trainer, using the zwift power, but today was the 1st time i had issues with it. Power was all over the place at times and there was half a dozen times i lost it all. Very frustrating on day 7. Must’ve lost about 3 groups due to this issue. Seen some other riders stopping for a few seconds too.