Bluetooth Suito pairing failure

69 minutes into a group ride, Elite Suito; all of a sudden the power display disappeared and I dropped out the back of the group. Hitting keyboard ‘a’ to pairing screen, then Esc to reselect current items, it registered 324W for ~2 seconds (with no pedalling from me), before vanishing again. Retried this a few times; it seemed like it’s “zero effort” had reset to start at 324W.

I think I managed to solve it by searching again from the pairing screen (i.e. completely unpairing and pairing again), but for a group ride (or race) that’s not really an acceptable solution.

Some info from the logs:
[20:10:56] [FTMS] Updated state from 7 to 15 and opcode from 17 to 127
[20:10:56] Starting critical power curve search job (151684975) mTimeStamp = 3803.46899 m_lastSearchTime = 3793.44434 calculating=false
[20:10:57] [FTMS] Updated state from 15 to 7 and opcode from 127 to 17
[20:10:57] [FTMS] SIM Grade 0.31% → 0.29%
[20:10:57] BLEMW::Info [SwiftBLEInterface.swift:260 (writeCharacteristic(:characteristicUUIDString:value:))]: Leaving writeCharacteristic
[20:10:57] BLEMW::Info [ (writeCharacteristic)]: Performing characteristic write [UUID = 0x2AD9] of peripheral [Addr = C39D0DEB-7EA3-2DD2-8B61-45CE9425B015]
[20:10:57] BLEMW::Error [SwiftToObjCBridgeInterface+Extensions.swift:661 (peripheral(
:didWriteValueFor:error:))]: Error: Error Domain=CBATTErrorDomain Code=128 “Unknown ATT error.” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Unknown ATT error.}
[20:10:57] BLE : Sending DEVICE - BLE WRITE ERROR [ UUID: C39D0DEB-7EA3-2DD2-8B61-45CE9425B015 ] SUITO
[20:10:58] [INFO] Sending telemetry…
[20:10:58] [INFO] UDP metrics {StC Rx: 2430, Rx error: 0, CtS Tx: 300, Tx error: 0}
[20:10:58] [INFO] Failed one leg latency threshold test. [min: 521, avg: 547, max: 592, n: 4]
[20:10:59] [FTMS] Resending last request.

It did coincide with som wifi drop outs, but it seems to be a bluetooth problem?

[20:10:27] NETWORK:Stale data for player 1042033
[20:10:27] NETWORK:283985753251/283985752856

[19:06:42] Game Version: 1.50.2(122008) rc/1.50.2
[19:06:42] Config: Shipping
[19:06:42] Device: MacBookPro15,2
[19:06:42] [OS]: Initialized

[19:07:09] BLE : Sending DEVICE - BLE CONNECTED [ UUID: 1B8B04FC-ED2C-1308-5389-2552DD3C37AE ] TICKR C5C8 168
[19:07:09] BLE : Sending DEVICE - BLE CONNECTED [ UUID: C39D0DEB-7EA3-2DD2-8B61-45CE9425B015 ] SUITO

Note: no recent updates to Suito firmware i.e. running the same (working) version for 12+ months. (as Upgrado app says latest is incompatible)