Bluetooth pairing issues using iOS Companion app [September 2021] [v3.28] [SOLVED]

If it’s useful for anyone - I have set up a shortcut automation on my iPhone so that when I open the Zwift Companion app it turns data off on my phone (but keeps on wifi and bluetooth). When I close the app it turns data back on. It means I don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn data off every time i used the companion app.

It takes 2 minutes to set up so worth taking a look.

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It certainly worked this time, but I will have to test tomorrow to make sure ERG is still functional.


I’m getting random dropouts of the companion app while in Zwift. So this obviously isn’t solved.

Once it goes it will stay gone for the whole ride. No communication possible with anyone and very annoying when you are trying to help sweep someone back on a group ride.

Updated iOS, updated Zwift and companion app too.

I’m using Zwift on Apple TV 4K.

I’ve tried turning off mobile data and going airplane mode on/off and restarting companion app, none of those work.

I even tried restarting the phone yesterday, that did nothing.

I did a 90 minute workout this morning. Using the companion app, an ATV 4K and. Kikr v5. All worked perfectly.

This is the 2 nd workout I have done on the newest companion app version. The 1st workout dropped after 80 mins.

I have data disabled on my iPhone when using the companion app.

Will keep monitoring.

Done 4 more workouts and the companion app is working fine now for me. No dropouts including one 1h 45m workout. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Tried using the Companion app with ATV for the first time in a few weeks. 14 minutes into the workout, Companion took a dump, all connections disappeared. No warning. Same issue as before. THIS IS NOT SOLVED. I’m inclined to believe that most people at this point have just given up on the problem being corrected so they’ve stopped complaining about it.

@Trey_Stone @Chris_Denton_LACC and others still running into this problem:

If you’re still having problems after updating to Companion v3.28.1 let’s get you the one-on-one help with the tech support agents who can take the time to dig in to your particular setup.

There’s a lot of variables outside of the ones being discussed here that might be getting in the way, causing crashes, or hijacking Bluetooth connections. The forum community can’t dig into those details, but our agents can. Use the Contact us link on to reach our HQ agents please