Bluetooth LE (BLE) Feedback


As a follow-up, I just tried my wife’s Galaxy S4 Mini with the same results as my Galaxy S3. I also tried Badea’s suggestions on order of operations with both phones as well but did not have any luck.

I would really love if this could work somehow.



(Deborah Ungerleider) #142

Yesterday, I was able to get everything working, but then after 0.9 miles, it took me off my bike and wouldn’t let me back on or continue. Had to shut everything down and start over…it worked again eventually, but 10-15 extra time to do so.

(Julie Pfeifle) #143

Just joined zwift today and tried to pair my stages PM through zwift mobile app.  No luck, but I do see my viiiiva HRM paired with no problem.  The stages is paired to Garmin 520 though, so I know it’s working.  What am I missing?

(Andrew Kelly RCC 5840) #144

I had an issue today following the update. Up until now i’ve been using power tap P1 pedals linked to iOS app and an iMac running El Capitan. Initially linked fine then sudden loss of connection from the app - went to the same screen that opens if you open the app when not logged into Zwift on the desktop. Frustrating as this happened in a set of intervals but resolved with coming out of the ride, re-linking again and riding

(system) #145

Hi Andrew –

Would it be possible to get your Log.txt file from that ride?  You can submit it as a support ticket.

Here are instructions for finding the log files.




(Chris Jefferies) #146

We are having terrible problems with this.

I use all ant+ and it works faultlessly most of the time.  My 14 year old son wanted to join zwift as well so we got him a wahoo speed and cadence sensor and a polar heart rate monitor as we couldn’t afford more ant+ kit.

The poor lad is just about to give it all up as every time we do a joint ride it ends up with me pedalling away with no problems and him not being able to  initially sync or it starts off ok and then loses connectivity after a minute or him getting into a ride for 5-10 minutes and then it all dies.

We’ve tried using the bluetooth on a Motorola G, a Samsung Galaxy S5, an Ipad 4th gen and an Ipad air.  The zwift app crashes on the Motorola G, doesn’t work on the Galaxy at all and works best on the Ipad 4th gen.

Monday night he tried to ride the SUB2 group and got a few minutes out of it before it died and he went off annoyed.  Tuesday I couldn’t get him to go near it and last night he tried to do an ftp test and again only got a few minutes out of it.  Then he did a normal ride and it worked without a problem.

We also have an RS Components supplied Bluetooth BLED112 dongle which we’d much prefer using instead of collecting all the mobiles and tablets from around the house every time he wants to ride.  Would that not be a better option like the ant+ dongle.

Either way as it currently stands it’s causing no end of upset in our house.  I might do a timelapse video of my son trying to get it working, buzzing around the bike, hand pedalling the sensor awake, tablet in one hand, wireless keyboard in the other, looking really unhappy.

If it’s not improved soon I think we’ll have to go out and buy all ant+ kit and sell on the bluetooth kit. It’s going to be a hard sell to my wife who only hears how annoying Zwift is from my son most of the time.

(alan henderson) #147

Hi Chris,

I can echo your experiences with BLE, swapping between multiple devices and attempting magical maneuvers to try get the signal to remain persistent; it all sounds very similar.  My setup is via a Kurt Kinectic trainer and associated HR / PWR meter, it all syncs to inRide, I do a warm up and calibration, close inRide and open Zwift then eventually once it’s connected I would start a ride only for the power to drop and connection lost.

I did find a solution, or at least a sequence which has worked 100% over my last few rides and fit tests - turn off Bluetooth on any devices in the area not acting as the bridge (this is probably not needed in the grand scheme of things but I’m not tempting fate !! ) but the root cause of my drop outs wasn’t BLE but WIFI on the device acting as the BLE mobile bridge, I use WIFI repeaters in the house with the same SSID so the phone was jumping from one to the other which upset Zwift, so I created a new WIFI unique SSID on the closest repeater to my bike and joined the phone to it, bingo! no more drop outs in either WIFI or Zwift.  I do still get an initial link delay between finishing a calibration in inRide to then pairing in Zwift but a few rotations of the pedals to keep my power meter awake helps, plus waiting for a few mins.

I hope this may help you or give you some other ideas to try, good luck and #rideon.


(Chantal Morin) #148


I am used zwift since few weeks with BLE connection. It’s worked well still yesterday. 

There is my setup:

Wahoo blueSC 
Iphone 5s
Mac book OS 10.10

I reboot everything, double check my sensor (wahoo app receive the full signal) Use the same wifi with mac book and the iphone. 

Zwift program recognize my iphone. But the zwift app did not get the speed/cadence.

I think the problem came from the app update.

Someone else having the same problem and find a solution? 


(ilkin Mirza 2054) #149


I also have the same problem, I pair my bluetooth sensors using my iphone. After riding couple of minutes Zwift unpair sensors automatically.



(Darren Conrad) #150

Same issues as Chantal and Ilkin - cannot keep the Zwift mobile app connected with my bluetooth sensors after the last update.

(system) #151

We are testing a new game build now that will hopefully address this.  Hope to have it released soon.

(ilkin Mirza 2054) #152

Hi Guys

Zwift updated today, and problem is solved. Thanks to the zwift support group for operative solution. I have one problem instead. My Zwift doesn’t support my Cyclops tempo fluid trainer, but I choose Cycleops Fluid 2 and train. I ll be gratefull to the Zwift if you ll add this trainer to the program.

(Chris Jefferies) #153

I think you’re onto something A** lan Henderson,** thanks for the info.

We’ve been having more luck since we removed any other bluetooth device in range and our experiments with the Wifi router and WIFI extender has shown that any blip in connectivity will disconnect the bluetooth sensor and it’s a struglle to get it back again without restarting the game or the app or both, sometimes but not others!

Things seem to be a little better as last night it only dropped out once on a 1.5 hour ride.  When it happened I noticed the app on my Galaxy S5 appeared to lose the list of riders for a split second and then come back again.  So either the app had a momentary blip or the WIFI connectivity had one.

This is why I’d prefer to use a Bluetooth dongle as that’s plugged into the PC which is wired to our home network removing the issue of WIFI connectivity.  It seems worse when the phone is connected to wifi extender, even though the signal is a lot stronger.

The sensor is being picked up straight away in the pairing options now so hopefully that little update that happened a day or so ago has helped with initial pairing.

(Chris Jefferies) #154

Did another test ride last night using my son’s Wahoo SC sensor on my bike and had the following experience.

The sensor was picked up straight away by zwift again so that part has definitely improved now.

Then the app on my Samsung Galaxy S5 crashed and I lost it again.  I couldn’t get it back so I restarted zwift on the PC and on the phone.

The sensor was picked up straight away again so definitely an improvement.

Then the app crashed on the phone again so I rebooted the phone and came back out of zwift on the PC.

When the phone was up and running I started zwift on the PC and the phone, the sensor was picked up straight away and off I went.

I got to 45 minutes then the app crashed as I was trying to give a ride on.  Luckily the sensor stayed connected so I was able to pedal on.  I left the phone alone with a half populated zwift app showing.

I wanted to do an hour and would you believe I got to 58 minutes and then the sensor disappeared and glided to a halt.


Someone else mentioned about rebooting both your PC and phone before you start which seems really good advice.  It’s a shame the app kept crashing on the phone and to my mind this is another reason why using a bluetooth dongle like the ant+ one is a good idea as it rules out problems with the app and android on the phone.

So a reboot of everything, keep other bluetooth devices away (including my sons M450 computer)  from the area, Wifi definitely has an effect on the ability to keep the sensor connected and once the app crashes or you have a blip with your wifi you’ll need to restart everything, as once it’s lost that session it doesn’t seem to ever connect again until you create a new session with both PC and phone…

(alan henderson) #155

I noticed the PC app updated last night and my experience with BLE was a bit better than previous but it did drop once during the ride.  What I found this time was to just slowly pedal for a moment (good excuse for a rest!!!)  :-)  and although the Watt on both the app and PC showed zero it re-connected without any intervention and started from where it left off after a few mins.

Something new however was that the Wattage would freeze and the avatar freewheeled for a moment at that power whether I pedaled or not … better than a drop but not idea.

I see a new IOS and Android version has come out today so I plan to test again tonight, fingers crossed  :-)

(system) #156

There is not much in the new mobile apps for BLE, but we are planning a release in the next couple of weeks that will focus on BLE improvements.


(Darren Conrad) #157

Ditto to others comments about improved (but not perfect) performance with the latest Zwift release. My 30 mile ride yesterday was interrupted at the 1:10 mark by loss of sensor input. Switching from the mobile link app on my iPhone to the home screen and then reopening the app seemed to wake up the connection but only briefly. After repeating this process several times I was able to get a stable connection again and finish my ride.

Not certain where the problem is occurring but it seems to be related to potential disruptions in bluetooth connection to the mobile link. I assume this because when the problem occurs the mobile link app shows zeros for my power, cadence, etc.  I raised a trouble ticket last week and have provide logs but no follow ups yet from support.

(Manolis Kariotis D) #158
(Malte Paulat (Tacx Neo)) #159

Problem: App keeps loosing BLE HR - Polar H7 after random timespans and crashes. But app ist frozen there after. Need to restart my workouts (FTP test without HR, SST… ) - REALLY ANNOYING 
Please provide an update to stabilize the APP.

The update is not very stable. Even when im in the app the 2 new “features” (one is a simple redirect) made the app unstable for me.
Very sad since the app was working really well in the earlier version.


  • Elite Turbo Muin Smart+ (Connected via Ant+ - Working perfect)
  • Polar H7  (BLE -Thats a shame. I bought it for Zwift)
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini - Android
    - Zwift Mobile Link v1.6
  • Windows 7
(Martin Pietrzak) #160

My setup:

Windows 7

Android - Samsung Galaxy s6

Kurt Kinetic inRide BLE


Tacx Heart Rate Monitor also via BLE

The good news is the zwift connects to inRide without problems. The issue is the heart monitor. It has a tough time a) finding it, and then b) staying paired. I place the phone closely to both the heart rate monitor and sensor on the trainer to eliminate issues with the connection. 

When it does find the heart rate monitor but after 5-10 minute ride the connection is lost and doesn’t come back again. 

I realize you are still in beta but is there anything I can do to make those connections ‘stick’?

Thanks in advance.