Bluetooth LE (BLE) Feedback

(Kristian Olofsson ZTR (A)) #121


Was trying the Keiser M3i together with a iPhone 6 and a MacBook Pro.

Cant get any type of data into the app.

What type if puls band can be used? If possible…


(CHIRAG A.) #122

Well I gave up on the bluetooth android bridge and just bought the garmin ant. Pairing issues resolved. The bluetooth bridge just offered way too many variables… phone, computer, bluetooth, garmin, stages power meter, etc. 

With that said the ANT connection is not perfect. I get occasional power or cadence drop outs and lag. The zwift screen will show power drop to sub 100W, even 0, momentarily, while my garmin still shows proper power. This isn’t huge but does mess up the zwift ride and data.


(Vincent Guerin) #123

I have the same setup as Syed who posted earlier in this thread:

  • Macbook Pro OS El Capitan 10.11.13
  • iPhone 6
  • Zwift iOS app 1.5.1
  • Zwift on MAC 
  • Bontrager Interchange Digital Combo Sensor (Speed + Cadence)

** Only the speed sensor is installed as I do not have the tool to remove my pedal and install the cadence sensor.

I have activated the Bluetooth in the iOS app. When I try to pair it with Zwift, nothing shows up in the “Search” screen… 

I have tested the reception of the sensor in another app and it works perfectly fine.

 Update: I do notice on the pairing screen that both the ANT+ and the Bluetooth icon on the top left corner have “!” sign on it. 


(Marcel (Wattie Ink HS)) #124

I have been using the BLE support through the media link app and so far I have been able to successfully pair and use all my devices (inRide sensor plus heart rate monitor) perfectly. I do have two suggestions, the first being that are you planning on allowing the devices to natively connect to zwift instead of using the media link app as a bridge? The second would be adding the ability to perform the calibration for the power meter. Right now I have to use the inRide app to do that and then I am able to use the inRide with Zwift properly.


(Darren Conrad) #125

I second the request for Kinetic InRide calibration built into Zwift.  It takes me an additional 3-5 minutes to calibrate with the InRide app before I start my connection with Zwift.


(Vincent Guerin) #126

I got it to work yesterday. I noticed in the pairing screen the bluetooth icon wasn’t recognizing my iPhone. I deactivated the Bluetooth sensor in the iOS app (in the settings menu) and reactivated and then the icon flashed and recognized my iPhone. From then, I was able to search for Bluetooth devices and my speed sensor was detected. 


(Nate Kemp MNSTRS🚴🏽545) #127

Darren - I second your comment about calibration in the Zwift app for connected InRide, if this is technically possible.

However, I would add that you don’t need to wait until your trainer is warmed up and calibrated before launching Zwift.  I regularly do the following with my iPhone… 

  1.  open InRide iPhone app

  2.  start pedaling to “wake up” the inRide; watch the trainer connect to the app (bluetooth icon next to clock in top “icon tray” will flash a few times on your phone)

  3.  launch Zwift iPhone app

  4.  launch Zwift game on computer, make sure everything is paired

  5.  start doing your warmup in Zwift game

  6.  switch to InRide app and start a new workout (Zwift App will run in background)

  7.  after 10 minutes are up, perform calibration in InRide app.

  8.  switch back to Zwift App and complete your workout

  9.  when done, stop InRide workout and discard (or save if you want)


(Darren Conrad) #128

Interesting approach - it did not occur to me that the InRide app would be able to connect to the InRide sensor if it was already paired in Zwift and not disrupt the connection.  Do you have to disconnect the InRide sensor from the InRide app after completing calibration?


(Nate Kemp MNSTRS🚴🏽545) #129

I am always able to:

Connect the sensor to the Kinetic InRide app (might need to force-quit Zwift app if it was recently open) and THEN launch the Zwift app.  They will both stay connected to the sensor throughout the session and you can switch back and forth between the apps as much as you’d like.

I am rarely/never able to:

Connect the sensor to Zwift app/game first and then launch the InRide app and expect it to pair with InRide. 


The same basic paradigm is true for Wahoo BLE cadence and heart rate sensors with the Wahoo app.  I always pair my sensors with their own apps first, then I launch the Zwift app, then I launch Zwift game on computer. 


It would be very helpful if the Zwift iOS team could figure out how to “share” the sensors a bit better at the app level so that it wouldn’t matter which order things were launched.


(Bill Verdon) #130

When will Android get any attention regarding BLE??? 


(Eric ) #131

Hi Bill,

Add of the last version (1.5), Android has Bluetooth support in Zwift.


(Deborah Ungerleider) #132

How’s the progress on getting the resistance to work on the Bluetooth Cyclops Power Beam Pro?


(H Cinelli ZSUN) #133

Eric C.   I have the latest Android version, 1.5, and in the settings there is no mention of turning on bluetooth or pairing with bluetooth anything, as there seems to be in the ios version.  

I take it Android is working for you?  Care to share how you got it to work?

Thanks in advance. 



(Eric ) #134

Hi Deborah - No update yet. It’s tricky but we are still working on it.

H Hakon - Funny enough, iOS only has that as it is required to ask ahead of time. Android is just on by default if Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.

Just make sure none of your devices are paired to your actual phone as the BLE handshake only allows each BLE device to be paired to one other device. If it’s paired to your phone then the pass-through to Zwift won’t work.


(Deborah Ungerleider) #135

Thanks, Eric.




I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, Wahoo Tickr and Wahoo BlueSC and I cannot get Zwift to find the sensors through my phone’s BLE with the Zwift Mobile Link app. My Zwift PC program does connect to the phone without issue but when I click search in the pairings screen nothing shows up.

I have connected the sensors to my phone before for the Wahoo Trainer app without problem and I also have had the sensors working with Zwift directly through an ANT+ dongle as well so I know it is not a sensor issue.

Any ideas on how to make this work?

Much Thanks


(Eric ) #137

Hi Chris,

Don’t pair your devices with the phone. Unpair them and then only use Zwift to connect them.



Hi Eric,

I just unpaired the sensors from my phones Bluetooth, Wahoo Fitness app and Strava and tried to search for them again in Zwift with no luck.

They do show up in my phone’s Bluetooth “available devices” list so I know they are transmitting just Zwift is not finding them for some reason.

Is there some sort of log or otherwise worth providing?



(Badea Cristi) #139

Finally got my sensors to pair with the android app.

My phone is Galaxy S4 android lollipop 5.0.1 and sensors Geonaute BLE.

This is how i got them to work and now pairs straight away:

  1. Start Zwift on pc wait until it gets to pairing screen

  2. Start Zwift app pn phone and let it connect with pc zwift over wifi network

  3. Hit search button in pairing screen on pc

  4. Start pedaling on bike to “wake up” sensors (don’t wake up sensors before doing steps 1, 2 and 3)

This is how i got my sensors to pair with the android version… hope will help others who have pairing problems.

Ride on! :smiley:



(Robert Cote) #140

I’m using an iPhone 6 with iOS 9.2.1 and a Powertap speed/cadence sensor.

There does not appear to be my way to disconnect these from my iPhone’s Bluetooth.  They just connect automatically and show up in the “my device” list, without the “info” icon that allows you to “forget” a device.  How do I force these to unpair from my phone so that the Zwift app on my iMac will find them?

Just trying to use the iMac alone with the iPhone Bluetooth turned off doesn’t seem to work either.