Bluetooth LE (BLE) Feedback

(Frans Poldervaart) #101

Not sure if there was recently an update but I had this week two long training rides without connection issues!! Was a big pleasure without getting frustrated about my set-up.



(Mark Corner) #102

Tried this just now and didn’t work.  I tried a few times.  Just says “searching” forever when looking for the speed sensor.  Mac, DuoTrap BT/Ant sensor, iphone 5s.  It looks like the desktop app sees the iphone app (pulsing BT icon), but no speed sensor found.  I fired up Wahoo fitness on my phone and it immediately found the speed/cadence sensor.  Uninstalled Zwift, may be I will try it some other time in the future.

(Paul) #103

In the settings on the Zwift app to you have BLE sensors turned on?

(Mark Corner) #104

yes.  Should there some feedback in the mobile app that it found the sensors?  That might be helpful.

(Darren Conrad) #105

Make sure that you first start a ride or a workout then open the pairing menu. For some reason Zwift doesn’t see any BT sensors through the iPhone app until you have a ride started.

(Mike Grau) #106

I’m having a similar experience as Mark Corner.

I’m running a MacBook Pro, iPhone 6 and Jarv Speed/Cadence CS1505.

I only see “Searching…” when I try to search for the Speed Sensor + Classic Trainer, or Cadence.

Zwift on the MacBook Pro will see my phone while the Zwift Link app is running. But I don’t see a Bluetooth connection to my speed/cadence sensor. If I open the Strava app, it will pick up the speed/cadence sensor immediately and the Bluetooth icon will light up. If I then go back to Zwift Link, the Bluetooth icon will stay lit, but Zwift on the MacBook Pro still will not discover either the Speed Sensor + Classic Trainer, or Cadence.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Darren Conrad) #107

Sounds like Strava or some other app is still connected to the sensor when you are trying to pair via the Zwift app. Make sure you fully disconnect the sensor from these apps before opening the Zwift app. Make sure the sensor is awake by spinning the cranks a few times. Then open the settings menu in the Zwift app and open the Sensors option to make sure that Bluetooth LE Sensors is on. Keep the app open and awake, Start a ride in Zwift and then open the pairing menu. You should see the Bluetooth link pulsing at the top and see the sensors when you choose the options. Look closely - the name of the sensor may show only in faint gray text until you select it.

(Deborah Ungerleider) #108

No luck getting my PowerBeam to connect tonight. Very frustrated! Using Cycleops today instead of Zwift. It worked last week once…

(Matt Van Nus KISS (C)) #109

Windows 10


polar look keo (dual pedal ble)

First, thanks for doing this, been waiting a while to be able to use zwift. 

Pairing worked for me. I had to use the start ride then press A method but now it works.

What doesn’t work is pairing both pedals. I can choose one or the other. It’s okay, I’ve  compensated by halfing my ftp, so workouts are feesable. It sucks when I’m just riding and people smoke by me because I’m only registering half the power and I can’t brag on strava :slight_smile:

(Nate Kemp MNSTRS🚴🏽545) #110
(Mike Grau) #111

Thanks for that advice, Darren Conrad! It worked perfectly!

(Stefan Bergfors) #112

After the latest update (Mobile link 1.5 and Zwift 1/19) pairing works before starting ride, at least with my setup. And everything seems much more stable. :)

iPhone 5s

Wahoo BlueSc and Tickr X

Old PC with Win 7

(H Cinelli ZSUN) #113

I wish there was an official thread for this for Android users.  It seems it’s working for Apple users but for someone trying to find info regarding Android it’s hard to filter out the iOs solutions. 

I downloaded the latest Android version (1.5) when it became available and the instructions here are aimed at iOs.  As far as I can see there is no sensors tab under settings and therefore no option to turn on bluetooth there as the Apple users are told to do. 

Can somone from Zwift confirm what the status is for Android concearning this?

(Pawel Walencki) #114

Hello, my problem is that I synchronize my sensors and I start to ride, but the whole time I lose a connection to the sensors and must be paired again and it happens every few minutes. App v 1.5.1(128) win7 stages power and polar h7 if anyone had a similar problem?

(CHIRAG A.) #115

I have a similar problem as Pawel.

My setup is a Stages power meter; Mac Book Air (2012) running OSX Yosemite; Android phone with latest Zwift app.

I can get the power and cadence to pair and it works pretty well for up to 8 minutes, then it un-pairs and the ride pauses automatically. I have to then stop and attempt to re-pair via the mac book air. Everything is within arms length, so I don’t think it is a range issue…fresh batteries, etc.

What I don’t understand is, is the pairing between the android app and the mac book happening via bluetooth or wifi? There is a screen that says ‘make sure your phone and computer are on the same wifi network’… that confuses me, because I have the mac book blue tooth on as well, but I never see that it is paired with my phone?

in any case…what can be done to avoid the random unpairing?



(Manolis Kariotis D) #116

Is it possible to connect more than one Bluetooth sensor? 

I cant do it. I think my Iphone 5c can see amd connect to  only 1 Bluetooth device at a time. Is this normal? 

I cant connect my wahoo speed and my hart rate monitor at the same time

(Mark Corner) #117

FWIW, I did get it to work by following the advice above:  you have to start a ride and *then* pair it.  Seems…bad.  Overall I find the flow at the beginning quite confusing.

(Marc-Andre Savage) #118

Does anyone know if there is a data stream performance advantage in using BLE over Ant+. From my limited knowledge, BLE is a constant data stream compared to Ant+ that sends data at 1 sec intervals. Basically I’m wondering if using BLE will increase my avatar’s responsiveness to accelerations and deceleration.      

(Dan Noz) #119

Thanks for supporting Bluetooth!!! I put together a first time user experience video to say thanks for your great piece of software.

There’s a bug at minute 4:20ish

It keeps crashing when I try to save the workout :frowning:


Looking forward to your feedback

Best Dan

(Mark Myers) #120

I’ve been trying regularly as I am really hoping to use Zwift w Wahoo SC & HR. The most recent update seemed to solve the need to start a workout and then back out in order to pair. In trying it today, it did indeed pair and displayed Speed, Cadence & Heartrate. However I was unable to get the virtual rider to move from the side of the road.

I only have 1 day remaining in my trial, if Zwift is interested in continued feedback I will need an extension. I’m more than happy to pay for this once it works with some consistency.

Macbook Pro, Yosemite, iPhone 5S, Wahoo SC, Wahoo HR, CyceOps