Bluetooth LE (BLE) Feedback

(Lars Blesvik) #81

Quick question on this thread, I am running the Polar/Look KEO Power pedals, and the system only picks up one pedal, is there any way of either picking up both, or just doubling up?

In addition I get some insane speeds, should I at any time pedal backwards. Reading 65KW+ and doing approx 250 KM/h. Great fun to loose the drafters, but not really earned points…


(Joe Smith) #82

 Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor

Anyone have any luck with this hear rate monitor?  I’ve tried to pair with bluetooth without any luck.

It pairs with my iPhone but never shows up in the IOS app or on my PC.  

I’ve read this entire forum and nothing has worked so far.

Going to buy an ANT+ dongle soon if I can’t get it to work.


(J Saldana-) #83

I have the same monitor and it pairs fine. Key to make sure that your IPhone or Android phone mobile link is connected first.


(Joe Smith) #84


Thanks.  I’ll keep trying.


(Mark Kennedy) #85

If you are having trouble connecting the app to your computer make sure you are not using your Internet providers wifi hardware.

I know for sure Comcast’s “Internet Gateway” will interfere with it. It has to do with the traffic that Zwift is using to find the computer from the phone. It happens with a lot of software/hardware. Sonos is another one that doesn’t work. 


(John Eidmann) #86

Trouble connecting, and today all sensors dropped off in the middle of a training ride.

My gear:

iPhone 6

new Macbook (2015)

Kickr Snap

mio Alpha 2 HRM

Wahoo Fitness blue SC

I’ve been troubleshooting my bluetooth gear from the start, since I joined a few weeks ago. At first I thought it was because of the very specific order in which the BLEBeta process dictated. That process is tedious and not user friendly. I understand this is a Beta product, but I’m still providing Zwift with the feedback.

I’ve been unable to connect entirely, partial connect (some but not all of my sensors), and least often, a complete connect.

Some things things I did to improve my chances of connecting:

-Close the Zwift app and hard restart your iPhone.

-Close all other apps that want data from your sensors (ex. Wahoo Fitness), and any other apps that have any other bluetooth connections for that matter.

With the sentence above in mind, in contrast, the Wahoo Fitness app connects flawlessly to all of my sensors, so it’s clearly in the Zwift app that the problem resides. An additional reason why I believe this is because, on the paired devices page, even when I have a broadcast symbol emitting from the bluetooth icon (upper left corner), I still cannot pair devices. Devices that the Wahoo Fitness app has no trouble finding. It would be nice to know what that icon means, because, if my iPhone can see my bluetooth smart devices, and my iPhone is connected to my Zwift app on my computer, then it should follow that the Zwift computer app should find them as well.

Today, for the first time, I was in the middle of a training ride with all sensors hooked up, when my Kickr Snap dropped off. Lengthly troubleshooting to no avail.Ultimately I finished my w/o by pairing the blue SC sensor. It was off by over 70 watts from what my Kickr was reading, so I manipulated my Kickr using the “sim” option (Wahoo Fitness app) and tail wind to match up the power in that app, thus my trainer, with the power in the Zwift app. Not a good fix by any stretch, but it allowed me to complete my w/o.

While I’m here a few other items:

The Wahoo Fitness app allows you to “add a sensor” and not only does it pair the sensor, it remembers it for next time, apparently making the handshake process more seamless. I keep mentioning Wahoo Fitness, only because they have broken the code on this Bluetooth stuff.

I do my spindown using the Wahoo Fitness app and it seems to carry over to the Zwift app rather accurately, but it would probably be best to do the spin down in the Zwift app so it can be accomplished at one location/app.

It would be really nice to have a “remember me” block to check so we don’t have to enter our user name/password every time we open the app.

Access to our training history through the computer app (vice online).

An option to remove ghost riders.

A way to save kit, mine reverts back to basic kit with every new log-in.


(Giles Rowland) #87

Like others I’ll agree that the order of pairing is important and the consistency of pairing somewhat unreliable.

I have an Elite Digital Smart B+

Using bluetooth am I best connect this as a “Power Source” (it shows up as QD95), but seems to drop out after about 2 mins of riding or as a “Speed Sensor + Classic Trainer” (it also shows up there and the connection is more reliable, although the numbers seem overly high)?

I also have TomTom bluetooth HR and SC sensors (same as the Wahoo) which show up just fine in the HR and Cadence selectors.

The Elite Smart B+ should work as a controllable trainer. What is the timeline for adding bluetooth support for this? I understand the plan is to support the Kickr first with other trainers coming later. I’m happy to purchase an Ant+ dongle if support is over a month away, but if sooner then I’ll wait.

Like others I’d agree that an option to save login credentials in the app would be great, as would the ability to save kit.

Great to have bluetooth though!

My setup:

Elite Smart B+
iphone 5S
MacBook Air Yosemite
TomTom HR and SC sensors


(David Nemes) #88

The connection on my elite smart B+ keeps dropping after I leave the pairing page and go the road.When I go back to the pairing page (ctrl A) then it picks up the input again, go back to the road then it drops the feed. Pretty annoying…I don’t want to buy a Ant + dangle if bluetooth will work in the future… Is there any fix for this? I am only a trail member and wanted to sign up but if it is not going to work then there is no point.


I also noticed that unless I put in blebeta in the promo then it would not even pick up my trainer. My wahoo heart monitor gets picked up the first time I connect then after it drops the trainer it will not reconnect. 


(Valentijn Langendorff) #89

@Eric C : “Android and smart-trainer support” -> does did mean that Zwift will support BT based trainers like the Tacx T2790 (tablet/smartphone BTle based)… Right now I’m frustrated due too poor sharing software modules from Tacx which Zwift does have… And can I control the wheel resistance just like the Tacx app does?

Ciao Valentijn


(Frans Poldervaart) #90

Hi I am already in level 8 thanks to the suport of BLE. But i am encountering a lot of connection losses. Hard to tell what the cause is since it is very unpredictable. Some rides are without any issue. I managed to ride 1.5 hr in one training. But tonight the reliability is terrible… Do you expect updates in the near future to improve the reliability?

i am using Wahoo sensors HRM, cadance and speed + Iphone 5s


(Nicolas Gramlich) #91

Please sign me up for a Android Beta of the Bluetooth support of the Mobile Link app =)

Getting my smart trainer next week and really want to also track heartrate along the way.



(Darren Conrad) #92

Same as Frans - I’ve also been experiencing random connection issues using the BLE. Today I managed to get through about 1hr 15 mins of a workout session when my rider slowed to a stop and unclipped from his pedals. I looked at my iPhone and saw that all values had dropped to zero. I turned Bluetooth on and off in the settings, disconnected and reconnected on my WiFi network but nothing worked. I can’t say that I’m interested in paying for monthly service if I can’t expect to be able to finish my workouts. Any suggestions???


(Mark J. Stables) #93

Currently following Bill Verdon’s suggestions with NO LUCK pairing anything:

Windows 8

iPhone 6

KK inRide

Kickr HRM

Am able to enter the BLEBETA code but when I press A to enter the power source, the BLE icon in the top left isn’t active therefore unable to pair any of my devices…



(Simon Kirk YEO) #94

I load Zwift, no sensors appear and I get the ANT+ warning which I click OK on, sensor screen still grey, app on phone running and sensors “on” - choose “just watch” then click the menu arrow back to my rider and start riding and all is absolutely fine. 
However as soon as I go into any of the menus, pairing menu, options, rider profile etc, the sensors stop working and just shows dashes for where HR/Speed etc should be. If I go into the pairing menu they are there, highlighted blue, and if I move pedals etc all sensors show values (HR, Speed and Cadence) and in the background my rider will start moving and show the correct values.

But if I drop back out of menus, it stops working again and goes back to dashes. only fix is to end ride and quite app, the start from scratch.


(Björn #95

Same thing here. Up until after some restarts of both apps (iPhone and Mac) it magically worked. Next time it stopped working. So it is kind of a lucky game.

Also if it is working the missing circumference on a “unlisted roller” makes it just not usable. I am using a 29" MTB and the speed/watt is just downright wrong.

So even if I started my trial and lost my 2 extra months thanks to Strava premium membership, I stick to TrainerRoad because they support my Tacx Rollers.


(Marcus Bierlein) #96

Hi Zwift, I love zwifting so much (4000k since End of September), but with the simultanous BLE and ANT+ Support there came major issues for me. Please allow disable BLE since I need this connection for other devices (Polar V800 etc). With zwifting regards, Marcus


(Badea Cristi) #97

How much longer until Android bluetooth connection is release? 1 week… 2 weeks? 


(.) #98

Are the controllable trainers not supported yet?  It picks up the Wahoo Snap as the power source but it doesn’t control the resistance.  I can’t get it to pair the Snap as a controllable trainer.  Is this supported?  Will it be supported.

Are any Bluetooth speed and cadence sensors supported like the Wahoo Blue SC?



(Darren Conrad) #99

My Topeak Panobike Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor works just fine with Zwift and the iOS app on my iPhone 6. I don’t imagine that the Wahoo Blue SC would be much different.  Two tips:

  • You no longer have to type the promo code to enable beta BLE support

  • Pairing doesn’t work until you start a workout/ride and then open the pairing menu from there

Now getting it to actually STAY PAIRED for the entire ride/workout is another matter. Some of us are currently seeing it drop randomly.


(T Nitty) #100

Took a few attempts (app restarts, reboot of iPhone 5S and 2012 Macbook with EC), but I finally got my Rock n Roll with inRIde to connect.  I noticed the BT indicator wasn’t lighting up on the phone when I would bring up the Zwift app.  Took a reset of the phone to get it to work.  When I bring up the Kinetic app, the BT indicator is going crazy and connects fine every time.  In the Swift app on the Macbook I still had to “go ride”, then go back to pair to get it to finally work.  It couldn’t find inRide on the initial pairing attempt.

I’ll give it a full workout tomorrow.