Bluetooth LE (BLE) Feedback

(Manolis Kariotis D) #41

Can you please tell me if my misuro Blu (only bluetooth) with elite qubo power mag smart is compatible with zwift bluetooth beta or not? 


(Mike Hoogerland ZHR (F)) #42

Does anyone have a sense of when BLE support for smart trainers will be available? I’m looking at getting one and may need to choose between BLE and ANT+…

(Bing Quezon (Agila Cycling)) #43

Hey Mike.  You should look at Wahoo Kickr or the Kickr snap.  They support BLE and ANT+ connectivity so you have more flexibility.  I heard good things about them as well so it’s an excellent investment.  I currently use the Cyclops PowerBeam Pro (BLE) and Zwift supports it only as a Pwoermeter.  The Wahoo Kickr will be a “resistance controllable” trainer so it will be better.

(Mike Hoogerland ZHR (F)) #44

Thanks Bing. I also posted a question to support and got a reply that BLE support is planned for this “winter” with Kickr being the first one and other vendors/models to follow.

(Logan Fuller) #45

@Brian I made a support ticket but haven’t heard anything back. Not sure if it fell through the cracks.

(Brian Gorby) #46

Hi Logan,

Just replied to your ticket. :slight_smile:

(Manolis Kariotis D) #47

Please any help. Only 2 days left for my beta account. Is there a way to fix the unreal speed (150 mph)?  

(Stuart Rutherford(GGCC)) #48

So I’ve been using the blebeta function on my iPad mini in conjunction with the stages power meter. I find it much better than using ant + with my setup. The connection is rock solid. No data spikes or dropouts.

With ant + I would have loads of dropouts and spikes at random. Some rides would be fine, others would be unrideable.

The only minor issue I have is that the Zwift app on laptop takes a bit of fiddling to pair with ble. It takes a few attempts at entering the code then pressing A and switching to Bluetooth before it picks it up. I appreciate its a beta so hopefully that will improve when function goes “live”

My setup is stages power meter and cycleops fluid 2 paired to Asus entry level laptop with Intel celeron and Intel HD shared graphics. Not the best spec for Zwift but perfectly rideable. Laptop connected with long Hdmi cable to tv and sat on floor as close to bike as possible.

Upgrading soon to Alienware alpha. Does anyone know if the alpha will work with the blebeta ?

Keep up the good work Zwift team. You have made my winter training in Scotland a pleasure.



(Stu Berry) #49


I am having trouble getting the InRide sensor to show up in the game. I’ve tried several times. Activated the sensor by pedalling and it’s a brand new battery. The HR monitor that was included with the InRide kit works fine. The InRide App found both the sensors. I then shut the InRide App down and still no Watt meter. What am I doing wrong?

I have a iPhone 6, Mac desktop, Kurt Knetick Road Machine. Please help…




(Brian Gorby) #50

Hi Manolis,

Can you open a ticket at so we can help diagnose further?


(Craig) #51

I am using a new polar bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor (strap).  I paired it to my iphone, paired my iphone to zwift (rare event, but it happened tonight), followed the instructions. I got the little icon on the top left corner of the pairing screen, and it was pulsing, but it never paired when I searched for it.  It was never a selection in the pairing menu.  

I am using a computrainer and I unpaired the computrainer heart rate, and unplugged the earclip.  

Never paired, heart rate was displayed.



(Michael Henasey) #52

Ok, I finally was able to get my Polar H7 BT HRM connected to Zwift.

The key step is opening the Zwift app and waiting until it connects to Zwift before trying to pair it from the pairing screen. I was doing this too soon before and that’s why Zwift could never find my HRM.

It worked for a little while but then dropped out. Zwift would say “No Signal” from the pairing screen. So I unpaired it and then re-paired it and it would work for a little while and then the same thing happened.

Too buggy and unreliable for me. I’m going to stick with my ANT+ Garmin HRM. The only reason I wanted to use my Polar H7 BT HRM was because its my second HRM and I could leave it in my training room instead of moving my Garmin HRM back and forth. Oh well.

(Randy Yeung) #53

Please consider support the Wahoo RFLKT+ ANT Bridge feature.

(Deborah Ungerleider) #54

Hi, I’m trying to get my Cycleops PowerBeam Pro connected to Zwift and I have the Bluetooth version.   I know it’s not fully supported yet, but I was told that I could use the Power meter and connect via that. However, when I try searching for my Cycleops the Zwift on the computer can’t find it. Any help would be appreciated.

(Paul Cicchetti (RACE CF)) #55

Hi, I’m thinking i may have made a mistake ordering a Powerbeam pro (Bluetooth) trainer…

From what I’m reading this trainer will not track as a smart trainer with auto resistance adjustments? 

If this is the case i have the opportunity to order an ANT+ trainer but i want to be certain? 

If you can please confirm that would be great. Thanks 




(Devon Kobylinski) #56



decided to give this a try tonight, however I chose only to pair one sensor with the app. I paired the wahoo blue sc cadence sensor. It worked fine for the first 15 minutes and lost signal, but only because I think I hit the side sleep button on my iPhone 6 (9.1 iOS). I was able to get it going again after I turned the screen of my phone back on, but for a while the cadence seemed to be off a tad, eventually getting back to where it should be. I will try more sensors later, I’m just still getting my first 50 miles in on Zwift. 

I run windows 10 on my surface pro 3. 



(Maarten de With) #57


I just downloaded Swift, I have a Tacx Vortex Smart. The Tacx app supports Bluetooth Smart, so I didn’t buy an ANT+ dongle. 

I have: 

  • iPhone 6S
  • Mac - El Capitan
  • Tacx Vortex Smart
  • Polar H7

I tried pairing my HRM with the 7 steps from Logan Fuller, but it didn’t work. 

I read on the forum that full support for Bluetooth Smart trainers is “coming soon”, so buying a ANT+ dongle now would be a waste of money.

Does anyone have an idea how I can pair my devices? 

(Theo de Groot) #58

Is there support planned for the Kettler Racer S?


(Steve Levinthal) #59

I just tried Zwift using Bluetooh a few days ago, using a Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer, Pro Flywheel, and inRide sensor, along with an iPhone 5s running IOS 9.2 and a MacBook Air running OS X El Capitan 10.11.2.  No other apps were active on the computer or the phone.

1.  Regarding using the phone for the Bluetooth Low Energy Bridge.  The setup each time is like doing the hokey-pokey.  Do it out of order and nothing pairs.  Why are you even requiring the phone?  Most laptops (and therefore most computers) made in the past several years have Bluetooth 4 with BLE already available.  K-I-S-S.

2.  My inRide (hardware version 1.0) with the wheel not spinning showed me moving 7 MPH and producing 48 Watts this morning on the UCI Virginia course before I began pedaling.  The last time I used Zwift, I saw abnormally high power and speed; this would be why.  When I ride with the inRide app, I see expected speed and power for the same effort.

3.  Although it’s been said previously by others, there is no calibration for the Pro Flywheel.  Your support people have not acknowledged it’s an issue that will be addressed.

4.  I had no problem using Air Play to display the workout on my television via my Apple TV (4th generation) , but the color scheme made some of the text difficult to read, and the sound stayed on the computer (browser was Firefox 43.0.1) rather than the television’s speakers.  Given that you’re calling Zwift a game, I’d be fine if you also wrote the app for the Apple TV, which also has Bluetooth 4 (and the Bluetooth Low Energy stack.)

At this point, I’ve got 35 kilometers and 11 days left on my trial.  If during that time, you come up with a fix you’d like to me test, let me know.  Otherwise, outside of perhaps noodling around once with a buddy, I’ll be continuing to use inRide for my workouts, as I’ll be recording significantly more accurate numbers.

Good luck with your continued development.  What you’ve done shows some promise.

(Deborah Ungerleider) #60

Thought I had it figured out; I was able to do one workout with my Cycleops PowerBeam Pro Bluetooth, but can no longer get it to pair. Hoping Zwift figures it out soon. I’m looking forward to riding with my friends and teammates on Zwift.