Bluetooth LE (BLE) Feedback

(Brian Gorby) #21

Hi Frans - the issue with Speed + Cadence over BLE in Zwift will be fixed in a new game update this week.


(Bill Verdon) #22

Thanks for working on this! Currently I use TrainerRoad to calibrate my Kurt Kinetic inRide device. I also bought the pro flywheel (which adds 12 lbs) which I have to specify in order to calibrate the power. I am currently using the device relay function to relay this info via ANT + which works fine. I have tested the BLE functionality using a borrowed iPhone and that worked fine. I know yo guys are working on Android which is great. I have a few questions though.

  1. Will using a mobile device be the solution to bridge BLE to WiFi as a permanent one or will this be incorporated in the PC app somehow?

  2. Will you be adding a inRide specific calibration option (as TrainerRoad does) or will I have to perform this using my KK inRide app first each time I use zwift? The assumption being that the calibration of settings stays with the device and will be calibrated once connected to zwift. 





(Eric ) #23

Hi Frans,

That shouldn’t be happening - if you haven’t ridden then the days should not be counting down. I’m going to figure out what’s happening and make sure you get your full 2 weeks.


(Manolis Kariotis D) #24


My system:

windows 10 & osx El capitan

Elite power mag cubo smart with misuro b+ bluetooth 

sbs heart sport band bluetooth

Iphone 5c

The zwift connects with the iphone app but not finding any of the bluetooth devices

Finaly it found my misuro Bluetooth. The cadence pairs and rpm seem right.

The speed sensor + classic trainer also pairs but the speed is unbelievable 150 mph. And after a few meters it stops.

 Same in MAc and windows



(Brian Gorby) #25

With the latest Zwift game release (1.0.8691), we’ve addressed the issue where a speed and cadence sensor paired over BLE would not move your rider in the game.

If you’ve been experiencing this issue, please give it a try!


(Syed Omar) #26

Hi Brian, I did a quick try just now and it works perfectly! It detects my speed/candence sensor and my player is moving.

However, it couldn’t find my bluetooth HRM. Its Coospo H6 HRM. Strava and other apps on my iPhone managed to find it, but it kept searching on Zwift and does not appear to be found.

Thanks again for the fix, will deffo give this a spin tomorrow! I’m excited!


(Y ohans) #27

BLE range is not as good as ANT+ imo.

Had a 2nd ride with Suunto Smart HRM connected via iPhone. The start up process worked ok as before.

Now during my rides I often need to get off the bike to refill water bottle, turn the fan on, use the bathroom, etc…

I found that the connection dropped out a number of times during these movements away from the bike and iPhone and would not consistently reconnect. Out of 3 lost connections i was only able to get 1 to reconnect. Ended up getting ANT+ hrm for the rest of ride.

FYI - iPhone needed to stay on charger as power use on Zwift is very high, so I was not able to just leave it in a pocket and carry it with me.


(Kerry Hoeschen) #28

I have a kinetic fluid road machine 2700 with InRide, iPhone 6, and laptop with Windows 10 (or MacBook Air). I enabled Bluetooth on the iPhone app. When I ride, the Kinetic app picks it all up but nothing seems to be talking to the Zwift app. Nothing is recorded. No image of riders. Ideas?  


(Brian Gorby) #29

Hi Yo - thanks for the feedback. We’re working on better handling of dropped connections, and improving battery usage.


Hi Kerry - were your devices connected to the Kinetic app before you attempted to pair with Zwift? BLE devices can only be connected to a single app at a time.


(Kerry Hoeschen) #30

Yes. Will uninstalling the kinetic app do the trick?


(Manolis Kariotis D) #31

try it again in vesion 1.08707. The first time it connected but cadence was 0 and speed sensor had a logic speed but when I was riding the speed went to 25 mph and then stopped. After a few seconds the same again.

I disconnected it reconnect and then the same as yesterday. cadence normal values speed 200mph and stopping after a few seconds



(Bill Verdon) #32

Sorry to be a pest…but are you guys working on a calibration solution for the KK inRide BLE solution? I contacted KK and they said that if I calibrate it with the inRide app…it won’t carry over to 3rd party apps…which is a problem if you guys won’t allow calibration…effectively rendering the inRide with zwift a non-option for me unless I use the TR app… I would probably just use TR w/out zwift if I am forced to have both going all the time. I imagine I am not alone there…




(Pawel Mostowy CVR (C)) #33



I tried Bluetooth setup on my OS X el Capitan with the following :

  1. Wahoo speed / cadence Bluetooth sensor and iPhone 6 - it all worked OK

  2. Panobike speed / cadence Bluetooth sensor and iPhone 5s - it worked however it took a bit longer to get it to work. I am not sure if the magnets were not aligned properly or some other devices in proximity but it wasn’t as easy as with wahoo.

Other than that I didn’t notice any issues so thank you for a good job. I can’t wait  for it to be used without promo code.

Also please implement option to save user names and passwords on Mac. I hate typing it in each time when I log in.





(Mikkel Staunsholm [VISION]) #34

I cannot use my blue tooth headset (Sony SBH-70) when the Zwift application (on mac) is running. Works perfectly with everything else, but as soon as I hit the pairing screen, the head set is disconnected and I cannot reconnect it.

I get the error attached.

I am on mac 10.11.1.


(Logan Fuller) #35

Although I’m able to pair my HRM over Bluetooth (Polar H7), I’m unable to pair my Wahoo Blue SC BLE sensor. It simply doesn’t show up in the list when I search for it. I’ve confirmed that I’m able to connect to it though other apps on my phone (and have ensured those apps were disconnected before retrying Zwift). 

My setup:

  • Macbook Pro / OSX 10.11.1
  • iPhone 6 Plus / iOS 9.1
  • Polar H7 HRM
  • Wahoo Blue SC BLE (non-Ant+ version)

(Pascal Thiel) #36

Logan, I’m not able to connect my Polar H7 to Zwift. How did you manage this?


thanks for response in advance :slight_smile:


(Logan Fuller) #37

It seemed to just work for me:

  1. Open Zwift
  2. Click escape when device screen pops up in order to get to the actual game screen
  3. Open Zwift for iOS
  4. Press “p” on my Macbook and entered the " BLEBETA" promo code
  5. Press “a” (ensure the phone icon appears in the upper left)
  6. Begin searching for HRM and select it when it appears

(Brian Gorby) #38

Hi Logan,

Would you mind opening a support ticket ( Mention?%C2%A0Mention) it’s for me and I’ll ping you via to troubleshoot the BlueSC issues.


(Logan Fuller) #39

@Brian done!


(Pascal Thiel) #40

thanks, logan!