Bluetooth LE (BLE) Feedback

(Scott) #201

As a matter of fact, yesterday’s release introduced native support of BLE for Apple users. You can read more here

(Duane) #202

I’m experiencing a consistent mobile link app crash.  My setup is:

  • Windows 10
  • Kinetic T6100 smart control trainer (just released)
  • Mobile Link 1.8 (latest)
  • iOS 10.0.2 on iPhone 7

The pairing request finds the device fine and consistently after about 3 seconds the mobile link app crashes.  I’ve tried several times and ensured that the Kinetic Fit application isn’t running.  On a related note, I did have very good connection using built in bluetooth on a Macbook Pro.

(Jason) #203

@Duane - I made a ticket for you to troubleshoot, so keep an eye on your email. We’ll get you sorted out.

(Ryan Bike [AFC]) #204

So at present there is no provision to use BLE sensors with a bluegiga BLED112 or equiv dongle instead of all the extra nonsense with the phone?  I got this for use with Cycelops Virtual Training (date night rides with my wife since we can both ride same ride together on 1 machine (2monitors)).  I also needed it because we have a mix and match of sensors (her stuff is all ANT, my kurt stuff is BLE).  It all works seamlessly every time.  I was actually kind of surprised and thought there was something i was missing in setup of my new Zwift PC (Laptop i use for VCT does not have the horsepower for Zwift).  But that was not the case as VCT runs great with ANT and BLE on the new machine (win10/i3/gtx950/8gbRAM/SSD).

Perhaps need to look into this.




(Simon Kelley ) #205

I’m a new user. Trying to get set up with my Wahoo Kickr and Tickr.

I just tried to connect with native BLE on my macbook pro (2014) running Mavericks. Every time i try to connect any type of sensor after selecting the bluetooth option Zwift app crashes. every time.

Any ideas how i can connect? Should i just use the mobile connection option?

(gabriele) #206

Is it possible to use bluegiga bled112 with zwift?

I installed driver, with rouvy it works, but not with zwift.