Bluetooth LE (BLE) Feedback

(system) #181

…and here is what we have for explaining the BLE pairing using the mobile app.


(Dan Smothers) #182

The game and the app are paired, the phone icon in the “search for” menu on the computer is blinking and the bluetooth icon on the mobile app is orange and the monitor next to that says “your mobile device is connected to Zwift”. 

The Dashboard is showing on the mobile phone and when I use the bluetooth on the phone to search for devices, both the KK inRide and the Tickr show up (I don’t pair them). 


(Dan Smothers) #183

Just received my Wahoo Blue SC (speed and cadence) sensor in the mail. Set it up on my bike and confirmed that it was connected through the Wahoo Fitness app. Turned off the Wahoo app and restarted my phone, turned on the Bluetooth, then Zwift on the phone, followed by Zwift on the PC, it just keeps searching - not picking up anything. This has to be a problem with android and bluetooth working with Zwift. 

I’ve tried turning my PC’s Bluetooth on and pairing, BT off and pairing, BT on the phone and paired, BT on the phone and not paired, nothing works. 


(Jason) #184

Hey Dan, sorry you’re still having trouble. I’m responding to your ticket now so we can get this sorted. :slight_smile: Thanks for hanging in there!


(Dan Smothers) #185

So, after losing my mind reinstalling Windows 7 and reformatting every drive on every device I could think of (none of which worked), I picked up my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 and downloaded Zwift on it just out of curiosity. Lo and behold, it picks up all of my Wahoo devices as well as the Kurt Kinetic inRide device and I was able to start a test ride (for like 2 minutes) before I exited out due to how late it is here. 

For whatever reason, the Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t play well with Zwift IME. 

Hopefully this will help the developers work out the kinks.

Thanks for all the help.


(D Seiler #cureMS) #186

Using iPhone 5s (iOS 9.3.2 w/ Zwift 1.7.2 [211]) as bridge between Topeak Panobike speed/cadence sensors, Suunto BLE HR sensor, and Mac Mini (OS 10.11.5). Works fine with only those, but, when pairing BLE headphones with phone, there is serious lag on cadence & virtual power—sometimes as much as 50%. Background apps and/or analog headphones have no impact on lag; only pairing of BLE headphones. 

A search of the KB has yielded no results, but, with a new trainer (Tacx Vortex) hitting the doorstep on Saturday, I’m left wondering if I should switch back to ANT+—which I’d rather not do; I like my setup.


(Paul) #187


Ant+ is more stable, has fewer connection issues and fewer moving parts (i.e. no need to bridge using a phone, just connect right to the computer) BLE. Why wouldn’t you want to use Ant+ given the option?


(D Seiler #cureMS) #188

Hi, Paul.

I primarily use a Suunto Ambit Sport for training & racing, and it supports only BLE. While I do have an Edge 520 (and accompanying sensors), I’ve been more impressed (overall) with how BLE and Suunto as a whole performs over their Garmin counterparts, thus why I would prefer to stick with BLE. Also, the BLE sensor just looks cooler—and that’s worth at least 5 w/kg, right?


(Paul) #189


You can use both BLE and Ant+ the same time. 

As long as you are not using zPower and are using a calibrated trainer.

I started out using BLE and I got frustrated of the connection issues to the computer and switched to Ant+ and have had very few issues.


(Patrik Pekrul) #190

BLE seems to work fine with

Windows 10
Iphone 6 iOS 9.3.2
Tacx Bushido Smart

Great stuff!


(Daniel Abbott [Ride3R]) #191

I had great results using BLE with Wahoo Kickr Snap and iPhone 5.

Only issue is that I could not get the HR monitor to show up in the sensor list (Wahoo Tickr) at the same time. Is this a known issue?

When I try just the Tickr (no power to Kickr Snap) it shows up in the sensor list exactly as expected.

Any similar experiences?


(D Seiler #cureMS) #192

No issues with BLE HR being detected, though it is with a Suunto Smart Sensor; speed/cadence sensor on the bike, though is a Wahoo. 

What I have noticed to be more effective is to ensure the Zwift app is running (on iPhone 5s) before launching Zwift on the Mac Mini. Sensors are detected more rapidly & reliably when launching mobile app first. 



(Daniel Abbott [Ride3R]) #193

Thanks  Dale Seiler!

I have had mixed results with the Wahoo Tickr and Wahoo RPM showing up on the sensor list. No clear pattern yet.

But I can confirm that launching the Zwift Mobile App before the desktop application helped.


(D Seiler #cureMS) #194

Additionally, ensure no extraneous devices are connected to your phone via Bluetooth—headphones, in particular have been problematic for me and what precipitated my participating in this thread.

Good luck.


(Philip Jordaan) #195

Hallo, I’v got the Bluetooth Powerbeam pro and want to use zwift, is it possible?

I’ve downloaded the program on my PC and tried to connect it, but it keep searching?



(Paul) #196

Philip Jordaan, 

To use BLE in Zwift you need to download the Zwift App to your phone/tablet and bridge the connection to your computer.


(Randy Sandberg) #197

Given the Bluetooth LE (BLE) option, where one can nowadays use just BLE devices, I’d love to see Zwift drop the “No ANT+ Dongle” warning. Or, at least, have the option to turn the warning off in the Settings or wherever appropriate. Currently, as a workaround to not having to click the warning, I have my ANT+ dongle directly plugged into one of my PC’s USB 2.0 ports so it’s not as ugly as it was with the extension cable nor taking up one of my USB 3.0 ports. :wink:


(Eric ) #198

Hi Randy,

Yeah, I think that’s something we’re planning on doing. Lots of UI changes coming! :slight_smile:

It’s also annoying for CompuTrainer users too, I bet!


(Randy Sandberg) #199

No worries my friend. My love for all things Zwift supersedes any little momentary growing pains. #RideOn and yay! :slight_smile:


(# Chet Thunder) #200

Any chance you’ll soon drop the Mobile bluetooth link and be able to link bluetooth directly from the pc? most pc’s now a days have internal bluetooth, it would be nice to not need my phone to pair my powerbeam pro. Thoughts?