Bluetooth LE (BLE) Feedback

(Scott) #1

Today’s Zwift Mobile Link 1.4 release for iOS introduces the ability to use your Bluetooth LE (BLE) fitness peripherals with Zwift. 


BLE support is finally out of beta, and supports heart-rate monitors , cadence and speed sensors , power-meters  and all major brands of smart trainers which broadcast BLE.


Bluetooth also now works natively with Apple computers. If you’re running the OSX version of Zwift you should now have a “gear” icon on your pairing screen title bar. Clicking it allows you to toggle between finding Bluetooth devices via Zwift Mobile Link running on your phone, or via the built-in bluetooth in your computer. Give it a try, and please let us know if you have issues. NOTE: We are still researching how, or if, we can bring this feature to Windows laptops.


Click here for instructions on how to get started. We look forward to your feedback!


(Syed Omar) #2

I tried to make this work just now. My equipment;

  1. Macbook Pro (OSX El Capitan)
  2. iPhone 6
  3. Bontrager DuoTrap Bluetooth ANT+ Speed & Cadence Sensor

Both running on the same WIFI network.

I have no problems connecting my sensor to my phone and appear correctly on my mac. The numbers (speed & cadence) appears to be showing correctly on my mac, but only cadence reading shows on my phone.


Speed & cadence reading detected on my mac.

Only cadence reading appears on the app.

So, I thought since both readings detected perfectly on my mac, this will work even though my app only detect one reading. Sadly, no, it does not work. It only shows cadence reading when I’m pedalling and the rider does not move at all. It just stays there while the upper left corner shows the cadence reading.

I can’t thank you guys enough for introducing this feature but I hope you can troubleshoot this issue.



(Bing Quezon (Agila Cycling)) #3

This is great news!  Thank you for supporting BLE.  However, after following your instructions, it seems it doesn’t work.  I was able to pair all my BLE devices (HRM, Cadence, and Speed + Trainer).  I have the CycleOps Powerbeam Pro but since that’s not supported yet, I chose the Fluid model.  After entering the Beta code and pairing my devices, when I start to pedal the rider doesn’t move. It just sits there.  I do see my heartrate and cadence move but the MPH doesn’t. In the pairing devices section, I see the MPH go up when I’m pedaling but not on the game itself.  Let me know if I missed a step.  It seems to be the same issue as posted by Syed.

My setup is.

  1.  Mac OSX Yosemite

  2.  iPhone 6 (iOS 9.1)

  3.  Wahoo HRM ANT+/BLE

  4.  Jarv Speed/Cadence BLE

  5.  Cycleops Powerbeam Pro BLE

(Brian Gorby) #4

Hey Syed / Bing - thanks for the heads up, and sorry to hear about the issues. We’re investigating the issue and hope to have an update soon.

Bing, as Jon mentioned in your other post, pairing the Powerbeam Pro as a simple power meter (and not using a speed + classic trainer combination) should work (and would work better than just speed + classic). 

(Peter Lin) #5

I was able to use the BLE beta to pair with wahoo Run, Tickr and speed/cadence sensor. When I tried to pair with Stages power, it caused Zwift to crash. I see errors in the log. I can email the logs if that helps

thanks for all the great progress



(Brian Gorby) #6

Hi Peter,

Can you open a ticket here?

Just include that it’s for me, and I’ll grab the log files (from the app and the game) from you.




(James Allanson) #7

We tried to get my wife’s bike up and running on Zwift tonight (she’s got all BTLE sensors) and it didn’t work.  Here is her setup:

  1. Windows 7
  2. iPad Mini
  3. Wahoo Blue SC (BTLE)
  4. Polar H7 HRM (BTLE)

We got to the Paired Devices screen where we were able to pair everything.  We could see her heart rate from the Polar H7, as well as her cadence and speed.  But once we started in-game, it wouldn’t move or register any speed, just HR and cadence.

(Scott) #8

Hey everyone - thanks to your feedback we’ve identified the bug pairing with BLE speed and cadence sensors. We’re working on a fix which we plan to get out in the next game release. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience. 

(James Allanson) #9

Any idea when the next release might happen?

(Eric Fung) #10

I just gave this a try with the following equipment:

Over ant+:

Tacx vortex smart… mostly working except power sometimes drops to null as if no signal.

Over Bluetooth:

iphone4s - mobile link seems to run fine, and I can see the Bluetooth icon in the computer app.

Fitbit Surge - not detected. Unsure if this is BLE compatible or if this device is locked to Fitbit’s own app.


(L Barker) #11


Thanks for rolling this out!

It worked the first time I tried it out.  However all future sessions I’m unable to sync/see my equipment.   I started with just trying out the HRM.

I’m runnnig

  1. OS X El Captian 10.11.1

  2. Iphone 6s Plus on IOS 9.1

  3. Wahoo BlueHR

Plus same as Eric, I have a fitbit I thought I would try and its not seen for HRM.   Not really expecting that part to work though as they are probably proprietary.




(Jason Graham) #12

Hi! I’m so excited to try this out!

Unfortunately I have the same problem as above. However, I did have something different happen. I plugged my HDMI cable from my laptop to my TV and each time I tried to take a pedal stroke the game crashed. Tried it a few times with it still connected to the TV with the same behavior. After I pulled the cable and just used my computer it was stable, despite my speed not being detected… which you’re working on.

I’m running:

  1. OSX Yosemite 10.10.3

  2. iPhone 6 (latest iOS)

  3. Wahoo BlueHR

  4. Wahoo BlueSC



(Artur Bak) #13


Yesterday I tried to test the BLE support of the Zwift.

My configuration:

  • Elite Turbo Muin (not real)
  • MacBook Air (10.9.5)
  • IPhone 5s (OS 9.1)
  • Polar H7 (HRM) BLE
  • Polar CAD BLE
  • Polar SPD BLE

On the phone I connected all the sensors but the software Zwift saw only CAD & SPD Sensor but I had only read the parameters of cadence sensor.

During pedaling I stood in place without reading speed.

I would be grateful for the launch of full integration with the BLE sensors.


(L Barker) #14

Further to my experience already posted.   I’ve tried the wahoo cadence/speed sensor and that works fine while at the same time the HRM can not be seen even though it did work the first time I tried it.

(Bill Verdon) #15

FYI…I was able to get this to work for my Kurt Kinetic inRide (version 1) BLE POD using a borrowed iPhone.  Is it safe to assume that this will also work with KK’s latest BLE POD (version 2)?

Please get the Android version out soon!



(Joe Royle) #16

Hi , Great news for the Ble BETA programme. 

I am running macbook El Capitan, iPhone 6 and your instructions with same WIFI. The bluetooth item comes up and connects with my iPhone 6. Hwoever my Mio Alpha monitor is not detected and nor is my Schoche Cadence detector.

I can see however through other apps that both these items are being detected by the phone but not my Swift ?


Any help appreciated, i appreciate it is a BETA so hope this helps you guys





(alan henderson) #17

Delighted to see the release of BLE beta … managed to get it paired with my Kurt Kinetic inRide (789) pod / Win 7 PC and iPhone 6.  Not picking up the Kinetic HR monitor though, but will keep trying.

Looking forward to playing with this over the next few days



(Michael Henasey) #18

Tried BLEBETA and could not get Zwift to find my Polar H7 Bluetooth HRM.

I could see that my iPhone was paired with it but still Zwift would not recognize it.

If my computer supports BT 4.0, why can’t Zwift just use that instead of using the phone as a man-in-the-middle? Sticking with ANT+. It works.


(Y ohans) #19

I had a ride using the BLE Beta for pairing a Suunto Smart HRM together with all other sensors wired from the Computrainer. It worked well albeit a little kludgy given that my computer has Bluetooth 4

(Frans Poldervaart) #20

When do you expect to update the Zwift software. I am running out of my test trial dates, 10 days left without a single KM :frowning: