Bluetooth headsets

(Jim Skelton) #1

I tried riding with a group using teamspeak and a Bluetooth headset. Because the setup was many steps, I had to jump in the ride and join the ride leader. On screen I jumped in alone, with lots of empty riders listed on the right. A second or so later, lots of riders blew past me and I was left to ride alone, with no riders around me, and none appearing after riding for a few minutes. I tried this 3 times with the same results. Of course, the mobile link didn’t show any riders either. A couple of times, riders would randomly blow by but weren’t listed. It was like the wifi link wasn’t working correctly.

Then I disconnected the Bluetooth headset, shutdown teamspeak and was able to jump into the ride successfully and ride the rest with them (It was fun!). Not sure which was the problem, but I suspect the Bluetooth headset.

Platform: Windows 8.1 pro, on a Microsoft surface Pro, with android mobile link.