Bluetooth Footpod Support in Mobile Link or PC BLE Support

I would like to see support in the Android Mobile Link app for the Milestone Footpod.  It has been working great with the iOS app but I have to borrow my daughter’s iPhone in order to run.  Now that you released a pre-Beta PC version of running mode I’d love to see either Bluetooth support on the PC or a way for Mobile Link to broadcast data in a similar way as my Kinetic InRide Bluetooth sensor does for cycling.

Thanks for all your great work!  I love it!

Bluetooth support for PC would be great

I’d love for Bluetooth support on my pc, right now, I’ve got ant + but no ant+ pod, and a bluetooth pod, but no bluetooth hrm… guh!

Ditto!  It seems silly that you can’t use a Milestone pod via ZML or via PC - it’s only for iOS currently?  What gives?