Bluetooth FlexStride not sending pedaling info to Android

I am a brand new user and I am just trying to see if I can get this app to work before I sign up for a paid account. I couldn’t find a related topic and the troubleshooting tips didn’t help. I am likely missing something obvious and I apologize in advance if so.

I am using Android version 12 on a smartphone and I have confirmed it is up to date.
I am using Zwift app version 1.0.100456.
I am not using Zwift Companion because, as I understand it, I cannot use it on the same device as the Zwift app.
I am connecting via Bluetooth to my LifePro FlexStride Plus (lifeprofitness[ dot ]com/products/flexstride-plus). This device requires an app; and the manufacturer says Zwift is one of the three apps that can interface with it.

The Zwift app does seem to see the FlexStride device when I go to start a ride:

But once I’m in the ride, my avatar just sits by the side of the road no matter how much I pedal. When I go into the Bluetooth section, it fluctuates between the same image as above versus saying “No Signal”:

Do not pair with the phone - unpair and start Zwift, the app should connect.

Per my first screenshot, I actually cannot pair with the phone. It only pairs with an app, and Zwift is the only one of the three approved apps that are currently installed on my phone. So I can’t “unpair” it as it’s not paired.

Hi @Kim_Lloyd

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It seems the LifePro FlexStride Plus is an elliptical device, but I’m sorry to say that as far as I’m aware, these types of devices are not supported for use with Zwift.

It’s unclear to me why the manufacturer would advertise an elliptical device as being compatible with Zwift, and if I had to guess this is perhaps an advertising error or perhaps something that is misleading.

I’ve personally never heard of an elliptical being used for Zwift. That said, if I’m thinking outside the box, the only logical sport that might potentially function with an elliptical would be the Run sport. You’ve selected “RIDE” at the pairing screen, so I’m confident that isn’t going to work.

For a list of supported running hardware, please see this article.

Hope that helps!

Well, I was here with this very issue. The LifeStride Underdesk Elliptical actually behaves very much like a pedal device (you are seated and the elliptical motion isn’t very detectable), so maybe they thought it would work.

I admit I’m pretty disappointed with LifePro company for advertising it this way. I’m using it to try to fix my shattered health, so maybe eventually I will get to the point where I can ride a real bike again and use Zwift. :slight_smile:

Thanks all. (And Kim, excellent documentation!)