Bluetooth dumps for Neo 2T

I would like to know which Bluetooth services and characteristics are advertised and offered by the Neo 2T.

Is here anybody who could use either the “nRF Connect App” or the “Lightblue” App (both available on iOS and Android) to provide me with a log of what is shown in those tools when connecting to the Neo 2T, please?

In those tools you could also “subscribe” to notifications for the various Bluetooth characteristics. I’d also fancy a dump of a short ride (some seconds will be enough) with all notifications turned on.

If there’s anybody out there having a “Nordic BLE Sniffer” who is able to sniff the exchanged packets on a low-level basis, this would be awesome… I’d fancy a dump of the initial connection between the trainer and the Tacx app or the Zwift app if possible.

Thanks a lot!