Bluetooth dropping during ride, won't reconnect without quitting

I’ve now had 3 more rides, about an hour long each, using the recommended fixes since I last posted.
The first 2 worked flawlessly, however my last ride had a couple of issues.
It was different this time though, when I started my ride the trainer had unpaired and the lights on the trainer had gone off indicating it had gone into sleep mode.
I can reach the trainer plug into an extension lead behind me on a shelf, so took out the plug and plugged it back in and the trainer re-paired instantly and I was off.
About 50 mins later though, the same happened, the trainer unpaired, went into sleep mode with lights off. Again, a quick replug and I could continue… I did lose the group though.
Seems like a different issue this one :man_shrugging:t2:
I had updated Zwift just before the ride which may be the issue as I didn’t recalibrate the trainer till after the ride, will try a few more rides and update.

I am now experiencing this on my 2015 Kickr. AppleTV 4k hardwired with an ethernet connection and about a foot away from my Kickr. 4iiii Viiiiva HRM and Wahoo cadence sensor. Companion app running on separate iPhone.

Started a few weeks ago with random drops–“remote connection” message onscreen, so it is all bluetooth that is getting dropped. Very frustrating when it happens, especially at the end of a ride (2km from summit of L’Alp!!!) and you can’t reconnect.

Takes a hard reboot of everything and then all seems fine. Until now, I have never once had a bluetooth drop (~3 years).