Bluetooth devices connect, but No Signal [January 2022] [Windows11]

Same deal here. Worked fine on Windows 10. Upgraded my machine and system to Win11 and no dice - connects then immediately switches to “No Signal”. Have new Motherboard/CPU/Vid Card, but same BT dongle. Happy to help out with diagnostics or any other debugging you may want!

Same problem for me, have 2 different machines with Windows 11. One with integrated bluetooth (laptop) and desktop PC with bluetooth dongle.
Instantly says “No Signal” just after pairing.
Would be nice if Zwift could support Windows 11 finally. Please respond Zwift-people, whether you are looking into it or not.

I was having same exact issue (Win 11 with a Direto). Now working again this AM, after the following (not sure which corrected).

  • All windows updates applied
  • New Update to BT driver on PC
  • Zwift 1.25 update this morning