Bluetooth connection order (PC) - Why?

Is there a reason that you have to select a trainer as power source before it shows up as controllable?

I use my pedals for power and cadence and it is kind of annoying that i have to unselect them then select my trainer as power so that it shows up as controllable and then go back and repair my pedals.

It isn’t exactly the biggest problem in the world but it is pretty annoying.

If you have a kickr, you could pair your pedals directly to the kickr.

I have an elite zumo (the power accuracy is worse than awful which is why i use my pedals for power) which also has power match but it makes the power lag quite a bit and it smooths the power in a weird way.

and that is just a work around, why do you have to pair the power source first? you don’t with ant+

same for cadence for the pedals, have to connect them as power source then cadence becomes discoverable.

just weird and a bit annoying when loading the game.

I think this is a technicality with your setup as mine comes up as controllable first.

is that Ant+

With bluetooth I have tried this with many different trainers and PCs/android devices and it is always the same, have to pair as power source first then it shows as controllable.

It could be specific to all my devices/setups but i doubt it.

I’m Windows. Can’t say I’ve tried on other platforms

do you have a separate power source?

No. Neo 2T which i use for everything.

Via Bluetooth the trainers connect to the PC via one channel. They have to identify as a controllable trainer after first connection as power source.
Ant+ uses multiple channels, afaik.
That’s why the power source and controllable are handled independently with Ant+.

But why does it have to connect as power source first? that is my question.

i just want my trainer as controllable so have to connect it as power source then controllable then go back and select my pedals as power source. It is just a bit annoying having to pair everything twice and it means I can never just let it remember everything from last time.

The controllable function is a secondary function of the powermeter. It’s part of the protocol.

So is there no way around this? I’ll always have to unpair my powermeter (as it remembers it from last time), pair my trainer, pair it as controllable, unpair it as power source and then pair my powermeter?

that’s annoying.

How long does that take. Like 20 seconds?

IMO I think that is why Ant+ is better. BT can be a PITA. Not always…but a lot of the time.


I use bluetooth because it seems to react better/quicker to gradient changes and the general resistance is better (especially on the flat)