Bluetooth connection during game

I regularly experience problems with my heart rate monitor. The Bluetooth connection drops out or makes jumps while cycling. Then I have to go to the Bluetooth connections in the menu and connect again. The annoying thing is that even if I keep cycling my avatar in Zwift comes to a stop. In the group ride I can close that gap, but in a race I can’t. I never do a race without a heart rate monitor. I think that is important for myself as well as towards others. Is there a possibility to reactivate the Bluetooth connection while cycling without losing your position in the game?

There isn’t no. The only way to repair is via the connection page which as you say puts the brakes on.

Which HR monitor are you using?

It may be that you have to look at an alternative, potentially ANT+ if you have that option which may prove more stable.

Have you replaced the battery in the HRM?

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I have already used several Bluetooth heart rate monitors and fitted them with new batteries, but it still happens every now and then. Sometimes the connection remains stable and other times it is almost impossible to connect at startup. Maybe Ant+ will turn out to be more stable.
I know what to ask Santa :wink: