Bluetooth broken since update

Same issue here after the app update a few days ago. Using iPad Pro. Frustrating.

I’m on iOS 14.3 on my iPad Pro and have nothing as per my post earlier in the thread so you may be an outlier here in terms of connectivity (I can only connect to Zwift with my iPhone 11 Pro Max also running 14.3)

Sufferfest and Tacx apps connect fine…

Same here. iPad Pro running latest iOS release.

Has anyone heard an official update from Zwift on this situation? I had hoped that Zwift would have issued something, even if it was just a quick reply in this thread.

They’ve done exactly that.

That response was given by Zwift last Friday. And I had already responded to it. Zwift has not provided any feedback that I’ve seen since that initial response.


I’m also having the same issues. Cannot pair tickr HRM, sometimes can pair kickr v5 smart trainer but it takes almost half an hour of fiddling to get it to work. PLEASE FIX THIS ZWIFT. sucks but if this doesn’t get fixed soon I guess I’ll start using something else like trainer road or sufferfest…

@shooj Any update on when this will be fixed? I hope there will be a fix before ZRL on tuesday… Also does anyone have any fixes that worked for them?

See Game Update - January 21st, 2021 for an update on this from Zwift.

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My iPad also won’t connect to any BT after the update. However, for whatever reason I don’t understand, I was able to connect with my iPhone and do an event today. Waiting patiently for an iPad fix I guess.

Try putting putting the Tckr in another room and restart everything. I was ale to get my trainer to work starting with the tickr in another room and riding without a heart rate monitor.

Zwift just released an update of the zwift app in the app store


Ok. Lets hope it fixed the problem once and for all.

Hi Johan, have you had any success/response from Zwift. I’ve spent hours trying to sort with no success. So frustrating.

There is supposedly an update out now that fixes it.

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Posted this in the other thread:


NOPE - still broken

Really? Even after updating?

Well I launched the app and it did not appear to update at all - so I uninstalled the app reinstalled the app and it still does not work. I’m running a Mac macOS Catalina - and have an Elite Direto XR - still does not work.

Is Zwift still down? and I only have 4 days left, hardly ridden at all! I’d like to get some more days to figure out this Zwift