Bluetooth broken since update

I tried pairing the trainers to all the ipads and a PC. None worked. Anyone else having this problem??? Very frustrating when I am trying to ride

I’ve just seen another thread with a couple of people saying exactly the same.

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I am also having this problem. Have been connecting Zwift via Apple TV to my Wahool KICKR Snap for months with no problem. Now Zwift will not connect either with Apple TV or iPhone Zwift app. The trainer will connect to the Wahoo app, so the problem appears to lie with Zwift.


My Apple TV connection worked fine via Bluetooth to my trainer and HRM on the new release earlier. Try a reinstall and reboot.

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I have tried reinstalling on all the ipads, nothing changed…


Won’t I lose all data if I delete and reinstall on AppleTV?

Are you sure the trainer isn’t already paired to something? With BT, if your trainer is paired to something then you can’t pair it to something else. Check all your devices.

If you reinstall the app on the ATV I think you will lose all of your power curve data (as well as your 5 second, 1 minute, 5 minute, and 20 minute bests, but I’m pretty sure that’s it. And all of that data will start to accumulate again on your next ride. Kind of a bummer since I had to re-install a few months ago and lost my 5-second best of just over 1K watts, which I may never see again. :cry:

Somewhat along these lines, I’m pretty sure the power curve data is stored locally, so if you run Zwift on different devices you may see different data on each of them. Overall mileage and other stats, though, are stored on Zwift’s servers, so they should be the same across all devices.

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Reinstalled the Zwift app on AppleTV and it found my trainer but says No Signal. Looks like this happened with Zwift with a previous update too. So frustrating!


Same problem here. I’m running Zwift on an iPad and pairing to a Wahoo KICKR 18. Been pretty much dependable for a long time. I ride in Zwift 1-2 times per day when I’m not riding outdoors and in fact, rode twice on Zwift yesterday. I downloaded the updated Zwift app this morning and attempted to ride and Zwift won’t communicate with the KICKR. I was able to use the Wahoo apps on the iPad to connect with the KICKR and that worked but Zwift is dead. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Zwift app but that didn’t work.

Looks like Zwift broke something in the latest update.


I have exactly the same issue and have already written to support. In short, it looks like the latest iOS update has broken the Bluetooth stack in the app. After spending the last 30 mins trying to ride with friends, reinstalling everything I eventually gave up. I am using an iPad Pro 2018 and a Wahoo Kickr 2018. After downloading Zwift on my wife’s iPad Air 2 it seems works. This is clearly very frustrating!

Richard - very similar experience for my wife and me. She and I have the exact KICKR and IPad models and she was able to ride this morning, however it took several attempts for her to get Zwift paired with her KICKR. However, Zwift won’t communicate with my KICKR even though my iPad can communicate with the KICKR via the Wahoo apps.

All - thanks for reporting this up here. It helps us to see the extent of the problems you’re experiencing.

We are working on a fix for this ASAP, and will update info here as things develop.


Same here.

I also confirmed the issue with an ipad that has not been updated with the latest version of zwift.

The ones updated don’t work; the one that has not been updated is the only one that works

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I can also confirm things not working on an iPad.

In my trying to figure out what was up before I looked at the forum I noticed that after some time of not connecting it seemed Zwift and/or the iPad was restarting bluetooth. I noticed it because it was causing my AirPods to disconnect as it was doing whatever it was doing.

Thanks Zwift folks for being on top of it!

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Would this also explain the fact that when I pair directly to the Apple TV that it automatically enables ERG mode and provides me no way to disable it?

Same issue with my iPhone 12 and an older iPad. Both try to pair with my Garmin phones instead of my kickr snap. When it does pair with the kickr it immediately says no signal. No issues before today with the previous version of the ap

No problem here with my ipad pro (2018) and kickr bike. Even steering is working

Maybe it was a fluke, but one of my club mates who uses an iPad got around this apparent Bluetooth issue by simply turning his iPad’s BT off in the iPad Settings and back on again.