Bluetooth Beta stuck "on", can't switch back to Zwift Companion

FWIW, the greyed out companion app option just seems to indicate whether the companion app is currently running and connected or not.

The app seems to detect and connect if you run it while zwift is already running so you don’t need to run it first.

Make sure the Companion app is running, otherwise that option is grayed out.

Same problem
Very frustrated…
I tried to delete prefs , No result
Does somebody knows already the good solution?


Similar issue.

Have you a fix ?

In my laptop windows 10 fix it.
Go to folder Documents / Zwift / prefs XML
Try opening up the prefs.xml file with Notepad.
Looking a line that says <PREFER_NATIVE_BLE>1</PREFER_NATIVE_BLE>
When you find that, change the 1 to a 0 and fix it.
This is the solution for me.