Bluetooth Beta stuck "on", can't switch back to Zwift Companion

In the Devices Sync screen, I tried turning the new “BETA: Use Built-In Bluetooth” on to see if i could get it to work (I couldn’t). But now I can’t go back to “Use Zwift Companion”. This box is greyed out, and I’m not able to select it at all (see attached image). I’ve tried removing the program from my laptop and reinstalling it. turning Zwift Companion on and off on my phone, but nothing I try helps.

I can’t get the BETA to work, so I can’t use Zwift until I get this resolved.

I had to turn off BT on my computer to switch it back to companion app!

I tried to turn of BT but to no avail. I even redownloaded the app. I’m stuck and can’t ride. Any other suggestions Zwift Support?

Similar problem, but mine doesn’t say beta anywhere.

When I fired up zwift yesterday, it wasn’t connecting to the app. I double checked that I was on the same wifi network, and it was. when I looked at settings, “Use zwift companion” was greyed out, as your screenshot shows. I powercycled both my laptop and phone and then it worked.

I just tried again to use it today, and again it didn’t connect to zwift companion. today it showed “Use zwift companion” was selected, but it was also greyed out. ?

I tried switching it back to “Use built-in bluetooth” but it still wouldn’t recognize my sensors. I didn’t want to screw around with rebooting, so I just used the wahoo app.

FWIW, my zwift is version 1.0.32268 and I just got the most recent version of zwift companion.

Zwift Support told me to go to the documents/Zwift folder and delete the prefs.xml file. The selection went back to Zwift Companion (although the slection itself was still greyed out).

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I tried rebooting as well but still SOL. That setting is buried in some config file so I figured I would download again but it still picks up the same setting.

Really frustrating.

Thanks Donald. Didn’t see this come in when I was writing. I’ll give that a go.

Deleting the prefs.xml file might work, but there’s another option that would probably be helpful if you don’t want to completely erase all of your preferences. Try opening up the prefs.xml file in your Documents/Zwift folder, then looking for a line that says “<PREFER_NATIVE_BLE>1</PREFER_NATIVE_BLE>.” When you find that, change the 1 to a 0.

If you still have issues after trying that, I’d suggest writing into with all of your log files in your Documents/Zwift/Logs folder. We’d be happy to do more in depth troubleshooting there!

Ride On!

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no joy after editing the prefs file. companion is still greyed, but selected… it doesn’t detect though. there was a zwift update before i tried it. sucks to have to deal with this in the time ive carved out for a workout

I have the same problem here on a Windows PC. I’m going to uninstall zwift, then delete the files that Zwift installs on my computer. Will report back here with what I find out.

Okay - I uninstalled the software. Deleted files in the Program Files and Documents folder, then ran CCleaner to removed registry edits that this software may have been using. I re-downloaded the Windows application from their website, and still am having the same issues.

Perfect fix! Thanks!

an update - I emailed zwift support. They recommended deleting the prefs file as Donald mentioned above. seems to be working after that. I have options for both the native BT and for zwift companion and neither of them are greyed out.

I am a little curious what other settings I nuked when I deleted that… I guess we’ll see tomorrow when I try to ride.

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I had same issue, went into zwift companion app in my phone and unclicked allow bluetooth, then on pc zwift it allowed me to change the selection from beta to companion app. all set now

I’ve been having the same issue with my PC. Deleted the file and it still won’t work. Deleted and reinstalled Zwift same issues.

Is your Companion paired to your Zwift? You might want to try making sure that both of your devices are on the same WiFi network; if they are, then try turning your phone’s mobile data off. Sometimes phones like to try to use mobile data even when using WiFi, and even if you don’t see it happening, it causes problems with communicating to Zwift.

Ride On!

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I change the 0 for the number 1 and fix it

I have the same problem as well. I uninstalled zwift, uninstalled companion, and uninstalled zwift beta for andriod…still no luck when I installed them again

I’ve been dealing with this same issue and have wasted to much precious ride time trying to resolve it. So frustrated that the has been documented for this long without any resolution from Zwift.

Reminder to Zwift: you guys raised your subscription fee when you were already bringing in boat-loads of revenue! Issues like this should be resolved in days, not weeks, nor months. GET ON IT.

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Just spent the last 40 minutes trying to figure this out. Bad’s suggestion worked for me. Needed to free up the phone from the trainer bluetooth.