Bluetooth Adapter for Computrainer to use Zwift iOS?

Is it possible to use a serial to bluetooth 4.0 adapter to connect Zwift iOS and Computrainer? I don’t know much about this. Just looking for a solution before I either buy a new computer or sell my Computrainer and get a smart trainer. It seems like there are a bunch of RS232 serial to Bluetooth adapters on the market, just not sure if they would work in this situation.


Hi Ian, I don’t think I’ve heard of anybody rigging that up, and a plain un-translated rebroadcast certainly wouldn’t work as Zwift iOS doesn’t support serial streams over bluetooth.

What I do know is that Computrainer has been showing off a new head unit that supports WiFi sometime last year.  It may also broadcast BLE or ANT+, I’m not sure.   The head unit is compatible with all the existing Computrainer units out there from what I understand.  I don’t see any mention of it on their website, but I saw it in action personally 4 months ago at a trade show so I know it actually exists.  

If you’re looking for something to work in the next couple of weeks, I think you may have to go with your backup plan of getting a PC or new trainer.  This computer for $500 USD is an excellent lower cost option:

Good luck, and if you get any info from computrainer I’d love to hear about it.

The WiFi handlebar controller is in beta testing at this point.  If I hear anything I’ll post it up.

Ok, thank you both for taking the time to write a response. I really appreciate it!