Blue tooth connectivity

I had great connectivity using my Wahoo Kickr and the Zwift program.  Now I can’t get the blue tooth to connect at all?  It used to show it on my phone when I was in the mobile app, the little blue icon would be up in the right corner but my Galaxy 7 phone and laptop cant connect.  The laptop program shows the blue tooth trying to comminicte?  also I can connect with my Wahoo mobile app so I know the machine and phone do talk.


It probably means that a Bluetooth device other than the one you expect has got hold the kickr. Switch off all Bluetooth radios (phones laptops head units etc). Also unplug the kickr then wait 15 mins. Then power on the kickr and your phone. It should connect as expect. Note if you are use to Ant+, remember that Bluetooth is different in that only one device can connect at a time.

Good Luck