Blue Tooth c.f. Ant+

I use a Kickr with W10 PC for zwifting. ANT+ connects more reliably but doesn’t allow me to calibrate in Zwift (won’t get to 23mph regardless of how hard I go), whereas Blue Tooth does calibration in Zwift perfectly and also has a much more realistic powerband and resistance feel (especially re changes in gradient) than ANT+. Has anyone had success using an extension cable with a Blue Tooth dongle? I have tried it but not had success and I’m wondering if the Blue Tooth signal directly from my PC laptop is interfering with the Blue Tooth dongle on the extension cable?

You can use your trainer software to calibrate you don’t have to use Zwift, the calibration get stored on the trainer not on Zwift.

I found Ant+ to be more stable.

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Yes, I’ve calibrated with the Wahoo app using my android cellphone but, I use a laptop for my workouts (bigger screen) and not looking for multiple devices for on app — but what I’m really looking for is a way to use Blue Tooth and have it be as stable as Ant+, therefore my question about the extension cable.

Yes an extension is a good option.

I would suggest using an ANT+ dongle with a USB extension for a more robust connection.