Blue Ghost on/off and one rain suggestion

(Rony Vega) #1

First of all, personally the blue ghost are very annoying to me, so, since now this is a pay app, I would like to see an on/off option for the ghosts, some people might like them but I like to ride alone or with real riders. In many occasions I can’t pass them and I get stuck behind them for a couple of seconds until my rider can move over and pass them…

Other suggestion, since there is day and night, it will be kind of nice if we can get rain sometimes, just a thought.

(Scott Bayne) #2

I agree - very annoying to get blocked in behind a bunch of ghosts. I prefer only real people.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #3

I’m inclined to make them more useful (use as a pacer from previous performances, make them more reactive to adjust their pace to yours or at least show their current w/kg figures) but if that doesn’t come around I would gladly click the button to disable them.  I’m not trying to backdoor brag, but they are primarily a nuisance as I just pass them all up.

(Michael Henasey) #4

They do make Zwift seems less empty though…

When riding Richmond this past Sunday, even though the RGR was going on and nearly 500 riders were online, no ghost riders made it feel rather empty when I wasn’t a part of any of the big groups.

I don’t mind the filler as much as I do mind the fact that they are translucent glowing blue and that’s distracting. 

Zwift, how about make these ghost riders look more like actual riders? 

(Tim Heffner (S9R p/b Vittoria)) #5

I agree with most of the suggestions/comments.  In the current drafting setup, it’s somewhat easy to become detached from a group of real riders when the real rider group come upon a pack of ghosts.  I’ve lost 10 secs in an instant and had to chase back on my group because my avatar “decided” to start drafting a slower ghost.  Very annoying.  Ghosts that were more reactive would be great.  

I agree if you aren’t in a big group ride/race the world seems very empty without ghosts.  

Fix the drafting algorithm and you’ll fix some of the ghost issues.

(Christopher Waugh) #6

How about personally selectable ghost riders who can help you achieve a new target - you could join them like you would another rider.

(Josh Lewis) #7

I don’t understand the issue.  My avatar never gets blocked by ghosts (or other riders).  If it’s a big group, and it doesn’t go around, it just goes through them.  Doesn’t slow me down at all.  It also doesn’t decide to draft a slower ghost, unless I happen to be going slower than it and end up in its draft.  But if I’m in the draft of a faster ghost, I stay behind that one.

my only issue with the ghosts is that it’s often hard to find one going a pace I like so I can draft it.  They’re almost always going faster or slower than I want, so I never stay with them long at all.  I can often find real riders that are traveling a similar pace to mine, so can draft happily.