Blocked by slower rider

Lately I often get blocked by a slower rider. It happens in different occasions. For example when I am riding in a group and we overtake a rider, the other riders of the group overtake this rider easily but I get stucked behind this slower rider and lose contact to the group. It also happens at the Alpe du Zwift when I close a gap with some speed difference, but when I get close behind this rider my speed suddenly drops and only with extra power I will overtake this rider.

It is getting quite annoying since it ruins races which I do. I am getting dropped from a group with no reason.

No one facing this same problem. Weird…

I also started having the same issue of getting blocked by a slower rider when the group passes. It requires me to sprint to pass the slower rider and stay with the group. Also noticed that increasing power prior to the group passing a slower rider helps. I have not been able to quantify what causes the issue.

Search the forum for sticky draft, it’s been a thing forever.


For me the same, I increase the power just before overtaking. But since I am lighweight and not a real powerhouse I have to be carefull not create a gap with the other riders. Because when they overtake me again I can be dropped anyway.

Yesterday at the AdZ something strange happened. I was blocked again and after a increase of power I did overtake the other rider. However, when I was in front of him and reduced power (still more w/kg than him) he overtook me again and I was blocked again. He just got a sudden increase in speed because I was in front of him.

From my perception it was not like this before with real speed drops and getting overtaken again at the AdZ by someone with a lower w/kg.

I have just updated my video card to a Geforce GTX 1660 and beside loving the better graphics, noticed that I do not seem to be having the problem of getting blocked by a slower rider when the group passes. I no longer get caught by slower riders and need to surge to pass.

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