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Any status on this? I’m getting very tired of random people harassing me via personal chat on my rides because I use the Palestinian flag.


Also curious if anyone knows which Zwift competitors have a block feature?

or just turn wifi off

probably all of them, but there aren’t any people on them to block yet either. i think sauce for zwift has the feature, i don’t use that so i can’t check for you, but i remember hearing that was the case. apparently zwift already has a block feature in the companion app according to an event leader in this thread, though fortunately i haven’t needed to check how that actually works in practise since he mentioned it

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meant to come back and thank you for this brother. i’ve been on zwift a while and never knew a lot of this stuff, i appreciate you taking the time to write it down for us


Don’t know why anyone would do that - can’t they just ride and be done with it. Personally that’s what I’d tell them - if they have time to spend annoying you, they aren’t putting enough effort into riding.

But I’ve learned online to stay away from certain topics like that one (or it’s neighbouring country) because people just cannot behave nicely.

What would stop some of this would be reducing riders names to initials and numbers - that would stop the political messages in names and the advertising “X Rider p/b whatever” or the riders advertising their physio studio/gym.

If you wanted to go further you’d put no flags at all and no avatars. Zwift is for riding, not the other stuff.

I had no idea about the chat logs, very useful.

I’ve read everyone’s comments and the hostess and suggestions and want to add a (yes ‘shouldn’t need to have to do this’) sorta ‘hack’ if you will: a ‘meetup’ (or group workout) where those not in the meetup are not visible.

The only ‘trick’ is to make a meetup (or make a club group ‘ride’ (similar to meetup) or group workout) where one of the options to toggle is to only see meetup/group riders. The ‘downside’ (vs a real ‘incognito mode’ when that happens as I imagine it) is that you won’t also see anyone else you’ll be alone on the map (other than if others you invite show more on that below).

Anyone can make a meetup. It only requires you INVITE at least ONE other Zwifter but they do not have to ride or even accept the invitation nor show.

So often many of us would use that to go to a bit current guest world route say. So there’s Zwift friends who I’d add in and in comment saying (in not in contact offline) ‘hey just wanted to ride this course you’re welcome to join me or not no pressure not assuming you’re available on short notice thanks!’’

Being alone on a map occasionally is VERY peaceful but for most seeing the bustle of others around is part of the usual experience they wish for.

I suspect some MOSTLY do (even if very small) group meetups to more control their environment and be amongst known Zwift friendly ppl rhey know even if only by pseudonym on Zwift ;-).

I don’t know but suspect anyone can still make a small club of friendly Zwifters. Once that was available again in recent years I made a new club with single digit number of Zwift friends … doesn’t have the fancy fence /ride controls of large public established clubs but not the point here.

A CLUB ride/workout is available to anyone in the club to add themselves to. Also an additional option for a club group event is ‘anyone with link can join’ so if someone can’t add a 11th club or whatever you can offline dm them or a group like a IRL local club you may be in then they can add it and join that ride if they wish as well).

Workout mode also lets one jump to a non active guest world. But to be ‘see group only’ one needs a group (or at least one other INVITED). For a ‘group workout’ I think it’s not possible from meetup mode but one can (still right?) make a very small lol club of actual friendly people one knows even if only on Zwift) and make a group workout for the CLUB and there’s the same option to see ‘others’ (and be seen) or not.

If ‘only see meetup’ (or club ride/workout) others can’t see you (great if that’s wanted) but you can’t see others either (otherr than people you invite who show). Sometimes it’s peaceful to ride on an ‘empty’ map! I’ve enjoyed being ‘dead last’ in some race event and no one else visible … nice feeling occasionally.

But I suspect if this was someone’s standard ride? Definitely wouldn’t replace a ‘incognito’ mode when it comes out. Often it will be a nice part of a ride to see the random others (but be invisible) as part of the dynamic scenery.

Again this is a workaround, more steps than I am guessing incognito mode will look like, and without ability to be invisible WHILE seeing others. But the ‘meetup’ creation is easier than one may think if you’ve never made one … and to me I’d say worth exploring for various benefits to see how it works (listed in companion after run and ride listings little icon of ‘group’ of ppl).

Good news. A block user feature has just been added…
To indieVelo


Zwift really needs to prioritise the different variants of this.
I think we as a minimum need.:

  • Permanent block a user from follow request
  • Block the user from private chat
  • Mute the user in group chat



Just log on, start your ride, and unplug your internet.
lol, I got caught riding Zwift on a day I called in sick.

Best post ever :+1::grin:

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