Block neighbour's sensors

I have a new neighbour. Haven’t met him yet but it appears he has a much better setup than me.
Is it possible to stop Zwift on my Macbook from picking up the neighbour’s smart trainer and power meter? Each time I ride I have to unpair his power meter and Tacx Vortex, and then search for my own inferior kit.
Any suggestions appreciated. Moving house is not an option. :grimacing:

Maybe move your setup to the other side of the room?
ANT+ usually gets around 2-3m only.

Or tape grounded aluminum foil on the wall next to the neigbour :smiley:


My first thought faraday mesh on your wall.


Steal his setup :laughing::laughing:


how’s his power? just use his trainer to control your avatar :slight_smile:


Hi @Joanna_Evans welcome to the zwift forum. (I should have started with that)

We are a fun bunch that is more than happy to help, as you can see from all the responses above.

But I don’t think there is an easy way to shield your setup from your neighbour’s setup. Some sort of faraday cage will work but it is not practical.

If it does not interfere with your riding then you just have to live with it.

The silver lining is they will understand the noise coming from your house when you are setting new PR’s.

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That’s the thing, it’s a semi detached house, there’s a 10 ft gap between the houses.
:thinking: Could be BT rather than ANT+, I’ll have to check in the morning.
I can’t move the bike unfortunately, I can only fit it in the kitchen and it’s really narrow. Might have to do a Harry Potter and try and fit it under the stairs. :grimacing:

How disappointing. :upside_down_face:
Thanks for the reply, I can live with it; it’s a student house, he’ll move out eventually. :wink:

I’m 50% of the way to the Tron bike… could do with some help! :laughing:

Then disable bluetooth on your MacBook and use ANT+ yourself.

But if he uses bluetooth, you wouldn’t see him.
A bluetooth device can only connect to one other device.