Blacklist devices

I ran into an odd problem today … which may be related to an ongoing problem I’ve been having.

There are two kickr’s in my house … my 2018 model and my wife’s 2016 model (which used to be mine).

Today I started a workout and I was seeing the watts being reported, but Zwift was unable to control ERG mode on my kickr.

It turned out that the power was being reported from the my 2018 kickr, but Zwift was trying to control my wife’s 2016 kickr.

Obviously that wasn’t going to work well. I went back into the pairing setup and disconnected the controllable trainer and reconnected it to the correct kickr.

I’d like to see, on all platforms, the ability to blacklist devices so Zwift will NEVER connect to them, even if it thinks the device is the one it should connect to.

I’ve been having a problem with Apple TV and my Kickr where it would start out fine and then lose connection to the Kickr. Once it reconnected it was unable to control ERG mode. I’m suspecting that it connected to the wrong Kickr. Obviously I have to run some tests to prove that out.