Black Terrain after leaving Scotland [1.45.0]

Box hill all the grass is black.

What is your setup?

Never had issues before. Ultra profile 4K, win 10 PC

Which GPU? I don’t recall anyone else reporting this problem, so knowing the GPU would be useful.

GtX 1060 6gb. 16gb ram. Xeon E3

Can run sauce and obs and still hold 59fps (capped).

I’ve had this issue both on box hill (black grass as above) and paris (missing pavements). I thought it was just me…!

I’ve reported it to support who suggested a zwift reinstall, however as belt and braces I’ve done a windows reinstall in case there was something else there causing it. Not road tested it probably yet since reinstall.

Windows 11, version 1.45, 12th gen I3, NVIDIA RTX 3060, video capture disabled.

What’s your PC Spec? Sounds to me like maybe Video screen shots could have pushed your CPU over the edge?!….

New race results screen wasn’t enabled for everyone yet last I heard so wouldn’t worry about that.

It’s a new computer (just bought in July). So I hope it’s not that. I’ve got 16GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 5 5625U with Radeon Graphics 2.3 GHz. Hopefully it’s something that gets fixed either with the next Zwift update, or possibly even some Windows update that caused things to go haywire.

@j4m1eb , @Neil_Allonby_IRC if you were in Scotland prior to seeing black terrain in the next world, then the black grass issue is something that we have a fix for in the next full update.

Thanks @Rowdy , as it happens I was in Scotland prior to both rides where I had the graphics issue. One was the black grass on box hill. The other was missing pavements in Paris. I assume your fix will cover both…?

You know what. I was. I had just had a race on Glasgow crit then jumped into a group ride in London.

Indeed! It’s the world swap from Scotland that makes the terrain (whether it’s grass or pavement) black. This will be fixed very soon.


Zwift v 1.46 addresses this issue. Over the next few days, we’ll roll out v1.46 to everyone across all OS platforms. Please update when it’s available to you.

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Disabling the video replay did the trick; it’s something I hadn’t even used so it must have just been set to enabled when it was installed. I’ll check to make sure it doesn’t revert back after next update. Thanks!

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Yes it’s auto set up on when initially activated on your account, hopefully settings shouldn’t change with any future update. Glad that helped although not good that it crippled a happily working setup.

@shooj i think this string got moved across to the wrong forum thread; perhaps needs to be in the video screenshots post.

I’d hold fire on that one. I’ve had the issue both before video capture was release (windows) and with it disabled.

This guys issues were not the black graphics; the discussion got moved to the wrong thread